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"Well What's Happenin', C&C Community?"

I hesitate slightly to post about this, as the last time I talked about C&C: Red Alert's music and offhandedly mentioned that it had never especially moved me personally, I received a furious email from an Angry Internet Man about how I had zero music taste and should show some respect for what its composer Frank Klepacki had done for gaming.

Going on the below video, I suspect street-talkin' Klepacki himself would refer to it as respec', however. Here he is, "throwing a shout out" to his fans, who will be very happy to hear that he's officially on Red Alert 3 soundtrack duties. Me? Well... oh, look over there - that dog has a puffy tail!

There'd been presumption he wasn't involved with RA3 due to his alliance with ex-Westwooders Petroglyph, but clearly the EA dollar was big enough to tempt him back. He even confirms he's working on Hell March 3, a second sequel to the most renowned RA track. While my thoughts immediately turn to Meat Loaf, who's now up to Bat Out of Hell XII or something by now, it's excellent news for Veteran C&C Fans Who Like Listening To Looped Samples Of Shouting Soldiers Over Industrial Noises. Klepacki's announcement and imperative that "it's time to rawk'n'rollllll!" is below.

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And here he is performing Hell March in concert at Video Games Live last week. That's quite a coat.

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It's more fun with an orchestra, certainly.

For added measure (because I've been humming it since I mentioned him), here's Meat Loaf at his bizarre, chubby finest:

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Giggle. That's really going to fuel the fires of the Meer Has Zero Musical Taste types.

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