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We're Just Going To Call It AssFlag

Don't ever let it be said I am not a lover of juvenile humour. To allow its actual name to take the stage for a moment, time for another Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag trailer. I've just gone and counted and this is the twentieth one that has been made available, not counting extra versions, additional languages or live streamed events. I have to pray that that is some sort of record, because any more would surely cause deadly games-burnout. There's some merit in this latest effort though - Game Director Ashraf Ismail narrates the attack of main character Pirate McPirateson on an opposing fort. Despite my snark, it's actually pretty cool. Sail on to check it out.

I haven't got too far into the man-stabbing simulator's earlier offerings, about half way through the second game, but this sea battle stuff gets me going a bit. It looks smooth in an unexpected way, although obviously there's a certain amount of trailer-salt to take with that. Moreover, it looks significantly enough departed from normal Creedplay to give the game some variation. Skill testing too, if you manage to get in a proper scrap, with all that maneuvering and weapon selection. They might be slightly overestimating the effective range, power and reload rates of 18th century cannons, though.

You'll be able to rediscover if a pirate you were meant to be (trim the sails and roam the seaaaa) on November 1st for various icky consoles and probably a couple of months after elsewhere.

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