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West Of Loathing DLC goofs around in Gun Manor, out now

No new gulches, though

Surprise! Monochrome stick-figure giggle ‘em up West Of Loathing has DLC now, called Reckonin’ At Gun Manor. As the skeleton in the front garden might suggest, this old house has a mystery hidden within, and it’s up to you, hat-wearing puzzle-solving protagonist, to unravel it.

Alec handed out an RPS Recommended in his West Of Loathing review, saying: “It makes me feel welcome, the game and I on the same page, having a lovely time together in this silly black and white world of stick figure cowboys and bandits and nightmare cattle and evil skeleton popes. The central message of WoL is ‘hey, let’s go over there and see what we find!’

“It’s this ongoing shower of gentle invention, of ideas thrown like confetti, each one treated as a reason to smile, not as anything that needs to go anywhere. Every inventory item has a gag attached, almost every NPC greets you companionably, and everything you do has a payoff.”

The new DLC appears to offer up fresh if similar idea confetti, as a ghostly carriage shows up in Dirtwater to take you to the splendidly straightforwardly named Gun Manor. There you’ll find new monsters, items, puzzles, and “scads of new goofs and gags.”

I had to look up what a scad is, and Google claims it’s another word for a jack, like the thing you use to lift up your car. That seemed unlikely in this game's horse-based world, so I turned to Merriam-Webster which gives what's presumably the intended definition: “a large number or quantity." Excellent news for those who wanted more of the base game's humour and charm. (They also offer an alternative definition, “any of several carangid fishes,” which, again, probably isn't very helpful in West Of Loathing's desert environment, but still, the more you know!)

Reckonin’ At Gun Manor is available on Steam for £3.99/€3,99/$4.99. West Of Loathing’s base game is also currently part of the Lunar New Year sale for 23% off, making it £6.15/€8.46/$8.46.

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