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We've redesigned RPS for 2021

But the old homepage isn't gone

Hello. So, the RPS homepage looks a little different. We think it's better this way, and hopefully you'll agree.

If you don't agree yet, soothe yourself by heading straight to the new Latest page linked from the top of the site. It's all of our posts, laid out chronologically one atop the other, just as it ever was. Bookmark it and enjoy.

Now let me explain what our thinking is behind the change.

Mainly, we want to make it easier for you to find the work you want from us. We now write more different kinds of article than ever, serving more readers than ever, but it's likely that you're here for something specific. Whether you're looking for our expert reviews, or in-depth features, or wanton silliness, or detailed guides, or fabulous podcasts, we want it to be easy for you to find it.

The new design makes this possible by splitting work into categories, so you can flip down to the reviews block if that's all you care about. We can also curate more of the available space, so that our highest effort articles (and lowest effort shitposts) hang around on the homepage for as long we desire.

Hopefully this means you won't ever miss a new entry of great columns like The Mechanic and The Limit Break, a fantastic series like Mystery Steam Reviews will finally garner the fame it deserves, and no one will ever again write a comment like, "RPS has a podcast?". (We have two).

Beyond this, it shouldn't change much about the articles we write or how we write them. Being a blog is a state of mind, and we're planning on being more personal, ephemeral, and flippant in 2021 than ever before.

The larger change has happened behind the scenes. For the first time in our history, we're no longer powered by Wordpress. In the short term, this shouldn't change much, but we now live on a platform we can build upon. In the longer term, it should mean we can finally start developing the features we've been talking about for years.

There are a couple of temporary changes to keep in mind. One of those is that there's now a new process in place for signing up to the RPS supporter program. Apologies for the minor inconvenience, but a permanent replacement will be along in a few months. There are also a couple of smaller features missing, such as avatars for comments, that we hope to remedy in the near future.

If you see anything that you think might be a bug, please email me. If you don't find any bugs, feel free to email me anyway - I'm dying to hear what you think. If you had a user account on the old site (and you used it), you should still be able to login here as normal, so you can also drop feedback, suggestions or questions into the comments below. We know you will.

(Here's that link to the Latest page again.)

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