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What are we all playing this long weekend?


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It's a three-day weekend for most of us here, so we'll be a bit quieter until Tuesday. Possibly a helpful time to play one of those giant games coming out amongst all those other giant games. Or to curl up on the floor with a kitten who can't decide if she wants to groom you or eat you. What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee
I haven't decided yet! I want to set aside some time to play Mediterranea Inferno, and I still haven't had a go of Sticky Business. Also, for all that it isn't a perfect game, I kind of want to blast stuff in Immortals Of Aveum, you know?

I am playing with my new kitten. Her name has not revealed itself yet, but she is so silky and cute and happy and purry and precious and I instantly love her with all my heart. Even when she wakes me up at 3am to lick my nose then fall asleep purring across my neck like a vibrating scarf. Especially when she does that.

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is on hols!

More Baldur's Gate 3 for me! I've just moved onto Act 3, so the whole "world's about to end" thing is really starting to ramp up. Everyone thinks I'm the hero come to save the day, of course, but little do they know that I actually have my own evil aspirations. I've been promised power, you see, and it's Wizard 101 that whenever power is on the table, it must be seized at any cost.

I've only just noticed, literally this morning, that my decade-old copy of Thirty Flights Of Loving also includes Gravity Bone: the predecessor I'd yet to play but now can. How delightful! Like finding a crisp twenty in the pocket of some nearly-forgotten trousers.

Ollie's hopping in his mecha this weekend, are you?Watch on YouTube

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I'm in ol' LANDAN TOWN this weekend seeing a pal. As is expected from a Games Journalist, I am packing two handhelds to ensure I am unable to have a single thought as I'm making the long, arduous journey from the North (good) to the South (bad). I'm still working my way through Tears Of The Kingdom (40 hours in, I still haven't been to the depths) but I may also smash through WarioWare Gold on the 3DS because why not. You can't tell me how to live my life.

I'm looking to finish off Armored Core 6: Fires Of Rubicon this weekend, although I guess it depends how long this final chapter goes on for. I'm also aching to return to Baldur's Gate 3, but enough time has passed that the old familiar thoughts are creeping into my mind beseeching me to start a brand new game instead of remembering where I left off. But I know if I do that, I'll probably never end up sticking with a single playthrough. But then I'll also get to listen to the character creation music again. UGH.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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