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What are we all playing this weekend?


The first blast of notE3 arguaaaaabblllly ends this weekend? A few big blasts from Ubisoft and Microsoft will follow in July but I think we have a few quiet weeks coming. After BitSummit Gaiden wraps up on Sunday. See our E3 2020 tag for the stuff.

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee

Alice is on holiday! Have a good'un.


I got super-lucky in GTA Online and won this year's podium car on my first go. The Declasse Scramjet is a big lump of jet-powered Speed Racer foolishness which can jump and boost into the skies and... I'm having a great deal of fun just screwing up and landing in swimming pools. I never Los Santos had so many swimming pools until I got a car which seemingly sought them out like a screaming supersonic swan. Oh god I've just remembered Hylics 2 came out this week.


I caved last weekend: I bought the big PS4 game about zombies and sadness. I'm not that far into it, yet. I got distracted a few hours in after I was given access to an actual guitar. I'll shoot some bad people (but are they bad?) if I can be bothered to pull Ellie away from the acoustic.


Dave is away.


I've been playing Hardspace: Shipbreaker, a game about methodically dismantling empty spaceships. Cut the wrong panel and you'll be ejected into space, or cause the entire ship to explode, but there's a lovely soothing quality to studying its construction and working out how to efficiently strip it for parts. A great podcast game.


Imogen is away and very busy.


I'll be making my way further up the Bionis this weekend as I resume my third replay of Xenoblade Chronicles on my Switch. I've spent far too much time hanging about on the world's best knee cap that is Gaur Plain, so it's probably time to finally move on to Satorl Marsh, otherwise known as the sweaty lower back area. God, I love JRPGs.


I didn't actually play Desperados 3 last weekend, because I'm silly. This weekend, I will be less silly.


I'm hoping to finish off The Last of Us 2, but am much more excited about watching the third, and final, series of Dark on Netflix. It's one of the best time travel stories in any medium - a perfect balance of paradoxical problems and the very human reactions to them - and I'm praying that it sticks the landing. If it does, this will be one of the all-time TV greats.


This weekend I'm going to be having intriguing, complex space adventures in a preview build of Ostranauts, and trying out (another preview build) of citybuilder NewCity. I'll also probably be doing some more pleasant microbuilds with the new blocks in Minecraft 1.16, and maybe making a nostalgia-fuelled return to Age Of Mythology.


Valorant's ranked mode has returned at last, so I'm going to be doing the sensible thing: obsessing over my rank and letting it dictate my happiness and sense of self-worth for the foreseeable future.


Sin is away.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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