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What are we all playing this weekend?


It's come to my attention that last weekend's WAWAPTW was, ah, slightly busted on mobile. Whoops. Sorry, still settling into the new website design myself. Alright, while I have a think about how to lay this out now (after almost six years with basically the same style), you tell me what you're planning to play this weekend.

Alice Bee
I will be returning to the chill and comforting dioramas of Tiny Lands. They are small and nice and the entire point of the game is to look at them. Which I am happy to do.

I'm still having a great time with Destiny 2's new Exotic bow, enough that I haven't even got round to trying the two Strikes returning from Destiny 1. I never played that so hey, let's see what I missed (and explode it with fire arrows).

I remember really enjoying the creepy adults of Little Nightmares, so I'll be spending some time playing Little Nightmares 2 to see if its bendy-necked teacher and wall-walking doctor are just as wonderfully disturbing.

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I am now playing Nioh 2 both on PS4 and PC. Two different character builds, two different machines, one big commitment. And, I've only gone and installed Final Fantasy XV. Why? I fancied a change from Nioh, but I know deep down I'll play all of five minutes and go crawling back.

I want to play Hitman 3, which means I need to finish Hitman 2 first, and I'm having a lovely time. It is nice having so many levels of murder ahead of me, and knowing that they're all of consistent quality.

Imogen away.

I want to try out Little Nightmares 2 this weekend, given how well received it's been so far. I've also never played any of the levels in season one of Hitman, so that means Sapienza, Bangkok and Paris are on the agenda.

It's the weekend! I've been playing some Persona 5 Strikers in the hopes of guiding the rest of the world through the game when it releases for realsies, and it's a big ol' adventure. I'll be making jam and playing Persona all weekend, probably.

A very colourful character in a Persona 5 Strikers screenshot.

I finally downloaded Battle Chasers: Nightwar on Game Pass last weekend, which is an RPG I've had my eye on for absolutely ages but never quite got round to playing. I'm enjoying its mix of dungeon crawling and turn-based battles, so I'll probably be playing that in between bouts of more Resident Evil 7 (that's code for when I'm too scared to carry on). I'm also very near the end of lovely indie puzzler Carto, so I'm hoping to finish that off this weekend, too.

This week, after I got hooked on the gateway drug of Dishonored, Alice B tempted me into the hairless embrace of Hitman 3, and I am absolutely enchanted. I'd never played a Hitman before, and I'm finding it to be mind-blowingly better than I had imagined. And there's so many levels to play with! I might not even play that much AoE2 this weekend.

Looks like I'll be splitting my time three ways this weekend. I'll be playing Apex Legends whenever my squad's around; I'll be checking in on my Dyson Sphere Program factories every so often just to make sure everything's going smoothly; and of course there's Valheim, which seems to have arrived out of nowhere and taken a big toothy chomp out of the free time of just about everyone on Steam.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing this weekend?

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