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What are we all playing this weekend?


Honestly, after this week in UK politics, I—as the kids in their early thirties say—can't even. Thank goodness a Duke Nukem 3D level is preserving it all for posterity. But it is now the weekend, and that is the important thing. What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee
It's been about six months and I still haven't finished Horizon Forbidden West. In fact I think I've only just got to the Forbidden West bit. Still, aside from that adventure on the PS5, I'm going to look for more bees in I Commissioned Some Bees 2, because I found all the bees in the first set of bees.

I'm riding so many bicycles for my Tour De Jeux, but maybe I want to keep them secret for now? Bicycles, that's most my weekend. Bicycles in video games, bicycles on the television, and bicycles in real life. I'm currently testing a pal's library of saddles to find a better fit for my bones, which is way more complex than you might think.

I’m definitely carrying on with my replay of The Wolf Among Us when I get a chance, just a nice bit of nostalgia for a time when episodic adventure games were a thing. Always ready to give an underdog a chance, I bought XCOM: Chimera Squad for a few quid recently so I’m going to see whether the general dislike of that is accurate, too.

Watch on YouTube

Aside from the constant that is Elden Ring, I'll be doing my darndest to get into Monster Hunter Rise. I've always wanted to get into a Mon Hun and I'm hoping Liam and Katharine can carry me on their backs through the game if all else fails.

I just got back from my holiday in Corfu, where I split my time between walks on the beach and hiding in air-conditioned buildings to play Metroid Dread. I think I still have a couple of hours of Metroid-ing to do before it's all over, so I'll spend the weekend clearing the last chunk while planning my next holiday. Suggestions for city break destinations and Metroidvania games are welcome!

I might play one of the recently re-added Yakuza games - probably Yakuza 0 - on Game Pass before Microsoft confiscates them again.

I finally started playing creepy underwater puzzler Silt this week, so I'm hoping to polish that off this weekend. I'm actually in the middle of a lot of games right now. I started playing Company Of Heroes 2 for the first time recently, and have been slowly plugging away at the campaign during the evening. I also finally started Gears Tactics recently as well, so I want to get through a bit more of that if I can, too. There's also the new Fire Emblem Warriors waiting for me on my Switch... In short, a classic weekend of some good old choice paralysis. Hooray!

is on his hols!

I'm off for all of next week, so hopefully I'll have plenty of time to play a lot of games. In theory. In reality, I imagine I'll put most of that spare time into The Cycle: Frontier, which is still my favourite game at the moment. But I've also started looking into Project Zomboid, which seems like one of those startlingly complex story-generating games that one could get lost in for hundreds of hours.

Simply follow The Quarry's tutorial cartoons and all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well

I'm busy Saturday going to Bristol Pride but on Sunday I'll be relaxing and roping my partner into playing The Quarry. I love the campy horror of Supermassive's games but was a little put off by The Quarry's £55 price tag. But after watching the beginning of a playthrough on YouTube I've decided to stop being so stingy and fork out the cash. I'll let you know next week how many characters we manage to keep alive, whoop!

We're expecting some nice weather this weekend, so it might be time to break out the paddling pool and oversized parasol and pretend I'm somewhere exotic. (The paddling pool even has a drink holder, because I know how to live.) It's not a plan that lends itself to video gaming, exactly. But if I feel the need to retreat from the heat, I've got a replay of The Quarry on the go where I'm trying to save everyone and collect all the tarot cards.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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