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What are we all playing this weekend?


An illustration of three cautious yet curious tabby kittens watching a frog.
Image credit: Cherry Cheeks and Roses [In verse.]

My landlord has finally given permission to get a cat and reader dear, I cannot think of anything else. I've not had a cat in years and I miss sharing my home with a cute little weirdo. Now I just need to find a cat. I've always got kittens from family or friends and was not prepared to have my heart broken over and over looking at online listings then falling in love with kittens only to be told oh, it found a home with someone else yesterday. Gutting. But what are you playing this weekend? (Playing with a kitten?) Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee
This weekend I will be at a crime book festival on an allegedly haunted island, but I want to have a go of Sticky Business. It came out last month and is about running the sort of cute Etsy vinyl sticker store that sends little mini bags of Haribo with the orders. It looks cute! But I dunno if it'll be too cute, you know?

I'm off for adventure and japes in swashbuckle 'em up En Garde! after enjoying the demo earlier this year. Mostly though, I am looking at kittens. Maybe I'll even meet a kitten this very weekend. I have already bought everything I need for a kitten, and it's a little silly stacked in a corner of my lounge.

To no-one's surprise, I have another Baldur's Gate 3 sesh booked in with my pals. We've dropped into the Underdark and some minotaurs aren't happy with us. Playing with pals is really chaotic and, maybe, the most fun way to play in my opinion. Sure, you don't get as much story time with the main characters, but hey, you do get that one friend who doesn't care for the story and selects the "Attack" dialogue option 90% of the time.

Some manners of wizard, I believeWatch on YouTube

I'm away from my desk next week – in a strategic masterstroke, I managed to book a walking holiday over the Gamescom period a few months ago, before getting the Golden Nod to join RPS. But before I set off for the Cairngorms I'm going to spend a bit of time in Black Skylands, a cartoon mixture of bullet hell schmups, Heat Signature and Sunless Skies in which you gad about flying islands in an airship, icing other airships and just generally being a massive nuisance.

is away!

I move forward in my attempts to re-learn how to play Apex Legends without botching every gunfight. Unfortunately, my only win this past week came from a match in which everyone else killed each other and/or died out of bounds, leaving me the victor with zero damage on the board. He who is last shall be first, and all that.

I've got yet another game on the go for review this weekend, but in amongst that and as many tiny extra Baldur's Gate 3 sessions as I can muster, I've also decided now is a good time to try and get acquainted with the Total War series. A fool's errand, possibly, especially at this time of year, but it's been eye-opening to say the least. Mostly because even the more recent ones are still terrible at telling people how to play them. Can anyone recommend me some good explainers for Three Kingdoms and Troy?

We have reached the point of the year where I have so many games on the go at the same time that actually sitting down to play any of them leaves me so overwhelmed with choice that I just do something else instead. This is all to say that I will be spending the weekend lying on the sofa and watching The O.C., which I am experiencing for the first time at age 30 because I have lost any sense of meaningful direction in my life.

Well, the game that I'll spend my weekend playing, I can't really talk about yet. So let's instead use this opportunity to talk about Kakuro. D'you know Kakuro? Kakuro is great. It's a bit like Sudoku, but with the format of a crossword. I play it whenever I have a few minutes spare on my phone, and you should too.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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