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What are we all playing this weekend?


A watercolour illustration of a rabbit in a blue dress entering her burrow, pushing a cart of items in front of her, from Cecily Parsley's nursery rhymes
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Though there's many a huge RPG to play at the moment (recite the littany: Baldur's Gate 3, Starfield, Cyberpunk 2077) many of us in the treehouse have retreated to smaller, or at least less garganutan, games for our days off this weekend. Though of course there's something called Counter-Strike 2 happening at the moment. I dunno, doesn't sound like it's important to PC or anything.

Alice Bee
A bunch of devs are already putting up demos for their games in anticipation of Steam Next Fest coming up, so I'm going to poke around in them for a bit this weekend. Around that I might also poke around in Sticky Business. I'm supposed to be poking around in Starfield but I really, just, honestly, can't bring myself to do it.

is away!

I'm not around a great deal this weekend as I'm popping round to see the 'rents, but I'll bring my Deck with me and give Lies Of P more of a whirl. I'm hoping for a bit more Baldur's Gate 3 on Sunday eve with the pals, too. We're firmly into Act 2 and making sure we tick off absolutely everything. BG3 is bonkers good.

I'm going to try out Counter-Strike 2 and also a demo I found for something called The Hungry Fly, which I think Alice0 has covered in the past. It's a first-person bug simulator, with on-screen forelegs that rub together in that quintessential fly way. Charming!

There's a new demo for Deep Rock Galactic Survivor on Steam, and it actually changes a fair bit from the early build I played back in the summer. For instance: it is now possible for me to finish a mission without perishing alone in the darkness. Progress!

I'm on holiday for the next week, so I will be Steam Decking a bunch of different things in all likelihood, including a top secret thing I'm playing for review. Other than that, I'm keen to give Goodbye Volcano High a go, as we missed this in the post-Gamescom madness shuffle. I'm also very nearly, absolutely definitely probably, nearly at the end of Tears Of The Kingdom, so if I can wrench myself away from moping up those last final sidequests, I might actually get round to completing one of this year's mega beast games.

As I make my way down the ladders of this treehouse, I am sad to report that I will never play another video game ever again. No more. Except maybe Fortnite. As a treat. From time to time. BYE xxx

I've been on the lookout recently for a new 4X game to sink my chops into, and I appear to have found it. Age Of Wonders 4 was a game I bounced off very quickly when it came out, and presumably it was only because I wasn't in the right mood for a 4X game at the time, because this game is great. I think I get on with the combat system in AOW4 better than in any 4X game I've ever played. And I really enjoy how quickly things progress, particularly when it comes to spreading your cities across the world map. I've yet to delve into the underground layer, but that's on the agenda for this weekend, and I'm very excited to see what I find down there. Hopefully a race of evil mole people.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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