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What Are We All Playing This Weekend?


Hallo there! I'm off work next week so this is the last you'll hear from me in a while. This means I won't be satisfied with you telling me what you're playing this weekend. I want the full week, day-by-day, night-by-night, the full run-down. If you could type up reports and submit those to my enforcer, Pip, that'd be great.

Adam: ["Adam has been out and about and and around generally very busy, and as such cannot tell you," reads a letter which claims to be from Adam's mum but looks suspiciously like a photocopy of the letter I received last week. Adam will also be on holiday next week.]
Alec: A bit of Mad Max, a bit of Space Marine - replaying solely because I've installed a helmet mod so my guy looks more like a Space Marine and less like a wrestler - a bit of Abzu because ALL THE FISH and maybe a bit of the Fallen London Android beta for my nightly 90s minutes spent sat miserable next to my nighmare-phobic 3 year old's bed until she falls alseep.
Alice: I'm on course to knock off the very last bits of Darkest Dungeon. I've put them off because I feel, right now, that I'm minutes from closing that eldritch trapdoor but one bad run at the Darkest Dungeon itself could cost me a party and then I have to replace them and... ugh. I am also committing to finishing Duke Nukem Forever before my next load of Have You Played? posts are due. Or I might fall back on replaying another load of old Quake mods for that. I've been playing a lot of Slide, the hoverboard racing mod, this week. Fun downhill zipping, that.
Graham: The best way to prompt yourself to play a long-installed, untouched game? Tell yourself you're going to play something much more complicated. Last week's idea to play RimWorld for example caused me to rapidly open up Mini Metro and finally put some time into the finished build. It's great! I wish I could run its Endless mode forever on a second screen. This weekend? I'll be playing RimWorld, of course.
John: [John is on the loose. Again. Be warned.]
Philippa: This weekend I will be doing an adult colouring in book. It's not a sexy "adult" book or anything, just pictures of flowers and I want to see if I can understand why so many people seem to be raving about it. I mean, I get their reasoning, but it would be cool if I could also experience. It might be an exercise in self-restraint though, as the last time I tried I spent most of the time fighting the urge to just turn the page over and draw a big dragon on the blank side instead.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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