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What are we all playing this weekend?


We're getting into that period where all big publishers release their big games at the same time, for reasons that still don't quite make sense to me. Mostly this technique guarantees that the game I most want, I will buy new, then I'll get the others later on sale. Next week alone brings Trials Rising, Civ 6: Gathering Storm, Crackdown 3, Far Cry: New Dawn, Metro Exodus... then the week after that is Anthem and- ah wait, nuts to all this, I know what I'll buy and play oh so very much: Yakuza Kiwami, out in a fortnight. Dad me up.

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!


I will be looking after my children, who I love dearly. This of course means that I feel no need whatsoever to have even a picosecond away from them, and indeed wholeheartedly welcome every single time they wake me during the night with a toileting accident or milk demand, or spend every last moment of daylight screaming at me.

At 11.48pm on Sunday night, I will hit 'Play' on the Resident Evil 2 entry in Steam, and then be asleep at my desk before the graphics card manufacturer logo has left my screen.

Alice Bee

Alec's lovely piece on Foundation has made me really want to play that. I used to be well into city builder stuff, until they got very complicated and kind of impenetrable. Like, I don't want running a city to be as stressful as actually being the Mayor of London. I am ill equipped to deal with killer smog being a thing in real life when it is out of my control, let alone when I am responsible for it because I didn't do me zoning properly.

Alice L

Word on the street is there's a new Sims 4 mod that's just been released by RoBurky, and it looks pretty darn interesting if you ask me. No, it's not spiral staircases. Can we move on from that please? It's called Meaningful Stories, and it completely rewrites the mood and emotions system on the Sims 4, meaning our Sims will become more human like. Isn't that what we want? When does playing the Sims become a bit weird and creepy? Anyway, this is what my weekend will consist of, helping my Sims out of horribly depressive ruts, and helping them create lasting happiness that real people can only dream of.

Alice O

I'm off work next week and glad my Plunkpals aren't, as the siren song of Apex Legends is calling me. Titanfall 2 felt mighty slick as a multiplayer shooter and I hear great things about this battle royale shooter so, agh, Alice please don't spend your week off at the desk where you work. Think of the sea, oh the sea, the beautiful cold sea. Some cracking swimming lately, I tell you.


I'm riding the reviews train straight to the Russian countryside. That means I'm playing some Metro Exodus. But I've also got to review Yakuza Kiwami. Which means I'm switching trains part-way and carrying on to Kamurocho, which is a rail service that exists only for the purpose of this metaphor. So the tickets were really expensive.


Dave has been fired.


I did it, I jumped on the bandwagon. Finally I'll be recognised as one of the cool kids. Finally I have bought a PS Vita. This means my weekend will be spent playing Persona 4 Golden. I've played some of it before but I'm hoping to get further this time and to see more of those wacky teens and their addiction to television. What other PS Vita exclusives should I buy?


It'll be mobile telephone games this weekend for me, in between doing fun things with the family. Sorry!


I'm hoping to finish Shadow Of The Tomb Raider this weekend, as I absolutely must prevent this sunny apocalypse from occurring before I'm required to dive headfirst into the infinitely more wintry apocalypse of Metro Exodus next week. That is, provided I don't get distracted by collecting every last Mayan pot and pan in the process, of course.


Matt has been fired.


Played the fantastically entertaining Devil May Cry 5 this week (cheeky plug for some video thoughts here), but was terrible at the Dante stuff. So it's back to Devil May Cry 3 and 4 for me, to get some training in before all the cruel teenagers turn up in the comments to call me terrible names.


Apex Legends. What else? I'm the resident Battle Royale player of RPS, and so far the game's pretty goddamn great. I'd like to say I'll probably throw another game into the mix at some point this weekend, but I know I'd be lying.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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