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What are we all playing this weekend?

Okay, this is it: the last weekend of summer. Get out there. Make it happen. Feel it. In the long dark months to come I'd be kicking myself if I had let this pass.

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee

Alice is away.

Alice L

More decorating for me this weekend! So I'll be fitting in whatever games I can while paint dries... Will most likely include me reclining as I play Untitled Goose Game... On my Switch... In fairness to me, I'm moving my office around so I won't have an accessible computer, really. That's my excuse.

Alice O

I'm on holiday as of 5pm on Sunday, planning a big week off work to just sleep. Having just ticked off a death-free run of Destiny 2's Scourge of the Past Raid (with a little help from the other five members of my raid group, obvs), I'm now looking at those nasty death-free Heroic Menagerie runs while I polish off challenges before the new expansion hits. Also, there is a goose loose.


Astrid has been fired.


I'm playing The Surge 2 for review, so I'll be fighting tides of raging robomen in an attempt to get through enough of this sci-fi Soulsie to have an opinion about it (I already have an opinion about it, I'm just not telling you yet).


Dave is away.


I should finally get access to FIFA 20 this weekend, which means I'll probably sneak in a couple of games in of EA's latest teenager millionaire sim. Will the new indoor football modes feel like something radically new, or will they be extraneous while the rest of the game just turns a few dials up or down from last year's iteration? Who knows, who knows.


With so many good games out at the moment, I fear I'm coming down with a horrible case of games paralysis. After detouring into Ni No Kuni and Goose game this week, there's still Medieval Hogwarts Simulator (aka Fire Emblem) to finish, but now I've got Link's Awakening to play as well, and I really, really want to give Sayonara Wild Hearts a go, too, and AI: The Somnium Files and holy moly there's just not enough hours in the day. One of these days I'll learn that time-travelling spell wot Hermione did in Harry Potter that let her do 105 classes a day and get super smart, because I could really do with a games equivalent of that right now.


I will also be playing the goose game.


I'm still mopping up the last few side quests in Borderlands 3, all on my lonesome - definitely less fun without Nate talking about his damn ant the whole time - and have AI: The Somnium Files to review, which is the new thing from Mr Zero Escape. I'm stupidly excited.


Nate is away.


As if I needed any more proof that I'm a sucker for interesting melee combat mechanics, I finally loaded up For Honor for the first time and by the end of the tutorial was instantly enamoured with its stance system. So elegant. So effective. Why the frick haven't I played this before now?


Oh no, I haven't thought about this at all. I'm still churning a lot of emotions thanks to Kind Words and the sublime Eliza so maybe more kind-hearted visual novels. Maybe I'll finally get into Wilmot's Warehouse instead of getting overwhelmed and quitting in an ADHD freakout. Or I might just shoot some dudes in PlanetSide Arena. Yes. Yes, I think too many of the dudes are unshootened.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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