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What Are We All Playing This Weekend?

Hrnnnngh Metal Geaaaruaahhh?

The weekend crept up on us silently, catching us snoozing or distracted flicking through magazines. But now it's here! Loudly! In our faces! And has brought a dog! Read on to be wholly surprised by which game many of us are playing this weekend, then why not tell us what you're clacking away at?

Adam: Metal Gear. Is everyone going to say Metal Gear? It's extraordinarily good and I say that as someone who has never really gotten along with the series. I like the first three well enough but I've never fully understood the frothing excitement they generate. This is like a stealth game crashed into Far Cry 2 though and I can't get enough of it.

That said, I'll be making time for Mad Max as well, which is relatively pedestrian but extremely satisfying. If Fallout 4's Wasteland looks half as good as Max's, I'll be astonished.

Alec: [I am doing something far too important and secretive to tell Alice as she'd probably tell the whole flipping Internet about my plan to make a real live Big Boss out of kebab meat scavenged from the pavements of Brighton and animated with a series of 9V batteries and heck my fingers are so bloody and broken from fighting gulls for scraps that I can't type an e-mail right now anyway. I imagine he would say -ed.]
Alice: It's Metal Gear, obviously. Of course it is. Cara and I have started playing together on the sofa, exploring the many tragedies that befall a lovesick Big Boss named Mozzer. He'll be wailing about some of them in songs like Lookout (I Thought Was) In A Coma. We're hoping that finding a dog friend will cheer him up after his troubles with Master Miller, but lawd knows what he'll do when he encounters ladies. I've got a new microphone so we might have a crack at streaming too.
Graham: I've been getting up early each morning this week to sneak in a couple of hours of MGSV: The Phantom Pain before work. I've completed 5 missions so far and a few of the side-ops, which means I've barely scratched the purple paintwork of my Mother Base, but thus far I'm loving it. Like Alec, I appreciate that the silliness undercuts any potential jingoism, but I also like it at this stage for being a relatively straight, systemic stealth game. No wingsuits or magic powers; just a pair of binoculars, a silenced pistol, and a world of AI to play with. I'll be continuing with it whenever I can this weekend.
John: This weekend I really would like to explore MGS. Apart from a brief foray with the first game on a Playstation, it's a series I've only ever read about. I'd love to get a look at what I see everyone raving about, although am concerned by the time commitment it's going to require.

I'm far more likely to succeed at spending some more time with Lara Croft Go on my Android, however.

Philippa: I am going to try and get out of my Fallout: New Vegas TARDIS. It is a problem I have entirely brought on myself but I'm actually trapped in the damn thing and can't finish my quest. This is why you should never mod anything. You get trapped in a dimension of corridors.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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