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Doctor Who Comes To Fallout: New Vegas


Out from the expanding heap of creation birthed from the modding community comes one particularly impressive mod for Fallout: New Vegas [official site]. It's Fallout Who Vegas, a project that combines two of Earth's most beautiful and pure creations: the Fallout universe and Matt Smith's lovely, big face. Yes, friends, it is a Doctor Who in Fallout mod.

Fallout Who Vegas has been in development for five years, an intensive hobby for its creators at The Foundry - a little modding community of developers, modellers and animators. An initial release happened a few years back and the team has been tweaking things and adding all things Whovian in the time since. Now, finally, the mod is out in its final release form. Video after the jump.

The mod adds a working Tardis to the New Vegas wasteland. And it's quite an impressive thing too, not just a living space but capable of travelling through the desert and featuring its own defense mechanisms and internal systems. You get Dalek invasions, cybermen and weeping angels. The team promises randomly generated space and time anomalies and radioactive Skaro wastelands, set against the backdrop of a quest that thrusts you into the Courier's near future. Ah, it's just lovely.

Thanks to Nick for the heads up.

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