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What are we all playing this weekend?


It is hard to believe spring begins in thirteen days. It's not even really stopped snowing. But by god, I'm ready for spring. Seeing crocuses blooming has been a real treat.

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee

Alice is on hols!

Alice L

I have a super busy weekend this weekend, so won't be playing any PC games, but will probably take my Switch to play Stardew Valley on the journey to London on Sunday to see Halsey. I am so excited to see Halsey. It's all I've been thinking about.


I've dipped in and out of Black Mesa across early access and I'm keen to see how the Half-Life remake turned out, now it has fully launched with version 1.0. Before the devs go and keep fiddling with Update 1.5, anyway.


This weekend, I'll be doing a LARP of the Night In The Woods prequel, Longest Night, with my housemates. And by "doing a LARP," I mean we'll be having a bonfire in the back garden with vegan marshmallows because it's meant to be well sunny, innit.


I will be trying to not catch any infectious diseases as I attend a rather big do, but beyond that I aim to play a little bit more Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection, specifically Mega Man ZX Advent. It's the one game in that sub-series that I never touched back on the DS and so far I've been enjoying it.


I have no idea what I'm going to play this weekend. Now that I've finished Black Mesa, I feel like I'm between games. Maybe I'll go back to Noita - I haven't played the physicsy roguelike since last year, when it consumed months of my time, and it's had mod support added since then.


Been on a Hades binge this week so I reckon I'll be obsessing over that a bit more this weekend. It's strange because I bounced off of Supergiant's other games Transistor and Bastion, but Hades has me completely hooked. I really want to like Transistor though, so maybe I'll give that another bash this weekend as well.


It's another big theatre 'n' family combo for the old Castles this weekend, so there probably won't be much game playing done at all sadly. I'd been hoping to get stuck in to some Murder By Numbers or Yes, Your Grace, but they might have to wait for next week. Curses!


Matt has burst.


Another weekend of worthy cultural nourishment for me. This time: a seven (!) hour play about the legacy of the Hiroshima bombing. So, er, that'll be fun. Might lighten things up a bit afterwards with my continued playthrough of Baldur's Gate on Switch - they've added cute analogue stick movement which works better than you'd think.


This weekend I am going to be dining with the king of space himself, as I sink into the hybrid of Dwarf Fortress and Dune I never knew I wanted so badly, in the form of RimWorld's Royalty DLC. If there's time round the edges, I need to keep brushing up my Age Of Empires 2 skills, although there's every chance I'll satiate those black urges by watching the qualifiers for the upcoming Hidden Cup 3, organised by affable AoE2 caster T90.


I've been reminded that there is a game out there that can rival Hades as the best roguelite I've ever played. So I'm going to be filling up my weekend with glorious gooey-head-simulator Dead Cells, and exploring all the new things that have been added since I last played it over a year ago.


Urgh. I am playing Horrible, which is a sort of extreme, involuntary LARP about being ill and everything being the worst. But on the plus side it lets you play other games, so I might carry on fiddling about as a bandit in 105-mods-I-really-should-stop Skyrim, or continue my foray into Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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