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What is the Valorant closed beta start time? (BST, EST, PST, CEST)

Here's when it kicks off in your region.

Valorant’s closed beta is due to start today and the question on everyone’s lips is, “when does it start?”. Well, we’ll explain all below.

Valorant: Closed Beta start time - BST, PST, EST, CEST

According to its official site, the Valorant closed beta starts at 2:00PM CEST.

Here’s what this equates to in all other eligible regions:

  • 2:00PM CEST
  • 1:00PM BST
  • 8:00AM EST
  • 5:00AM PST
  • 1:00PM MSK
  • 3:00PM TRT
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It’s worth noting that the number of players let into the beta is based on Valorant’s current server capacity. Not everyone who has a key will be able to login to the servers right away as Riot’s going for a drip feed process. The player count will ramp up based on timelines for when it can activate more regional servers.

Currently players from Canada, United States, Russia, Turkey, and Europe will be able to participate in the closed beta. Unfortunately, due to present circumstances with the COVID-19 pandemic, among other complications, the beta simply can’t extend to other regions. However, this doesn’t mean it will stay this way in the future. Expect further test periods later in the year to include other regions!

In terms of closed beta length, Riot has not set an exact date or time. It all depends on how much feedback they gather, but do expect it to be pretty short. This isn’t going to be months long. Expect it to wrap up within a week or so.

For far more information on getting access to the beta, signing up, and the like, definitely open up our Valorant: How to sign up and get a beta key page. It’s got everything you need to get you set up for maximum chances of earning beta access.

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