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What time does Valorant release?

Here's when you'll be able to get stuck in.

Valorant’s officially arriving soon, but what time will it actually release? We’re here to help you out.

What time does Valorant release?

Valorant will release at 8:00am ET, and we’ve broken down what this means for those of us based in other regions.

  • 8:00am JST - Korea, Japan, and most of Asia Pacific.
  • 6:00am BST/7:00am CET - Europe, Turkey, MENA, Russia, and CIS countries.
  • 8:00am EST/5:00am PST - North America, Latin America, and South America

To get yourself ready, make sure you’ve updated your graphics drivers and got your mouse settings sorted.

If you’re totally new to the game and don’t know how to get hold of it, our download and install guide has you covered. It’s totally free to play too - nice.

Also, expect some server issues. They’ll be rammed by the sheer number of people logging in to play, so don’t be surprised if things go a bit pear-shaped on launch day. Things will almost certainly stabilise throughout launch week, though.

What’s arriving with Valorant’s official release?

A new map, a new agent called Reyna, and a bunch of tweaks, improvements, and bug fixes.

Cover image for YouTube videoVALORANT: REYNA Gameplay Trailer

Here are the patch notes!

Twitch Rivals is also hosting a special Valorant launch tournament with a whopping $200,000 prize pool. It’s a global competition and Riot will crown one winning team from each region, so it’s definitely worth tuning in for.

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