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Obsidian's Pillars Of Eternity 2 rises in April

Not an eternal wait

Here, check this out, I've got a joke: you won't need to wait an eternity for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, as developers Obsidian have announced they will release it on April 3rd. Wordplay. I only recently found out about 'jokes' but I'm very into them. I'm told it's good if jokes also tell a truth, so the truth is: the fantasy RPG sequel really is due on April 3rd. I don't want to boast, but I think I'm crushing it. A joke for the ages.

Pillars of Eternity II is a crowdfunded sequel to Obsidian's also-crowdfunded 2015 RPG, getting deep into a revival of their olde RPGe wayes. John's Pillars of Eternity review will tell you the first game's a cracker, so more is certainly welcome.

Deadfire will cost £33/$50 when it hits Steam and GOG on April 3rd for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

We've not played the sequel yet ourselves, but Rick Lane did have a good chat with Obsidian about recapturing the style and tone of ye olde Infinity Engine RPGs. More importantly, as game director Josh Sawyer shows, Deadfire has many cats.

I am glad that Obisidian are getting to do this again but ah, I do wish it somehow led to the fine real-time conversations and secret agent shenanigans of their more Alpha Protocol.

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