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Dishonored 2 Sneaking Out On November 11th


Dishonored [official site] will bring us more first-person stealth delights on November 11th, publishers Bethesda announced today. Dishonored 2 is set 15 years after the first game, with Emily Kaldwin now a grown-up Empress and supernatural murderer herself as a second playable character option. We still don't know much more about the game than when it was announced last year, nor have we seen it, but Bethesda say they'll finally give us a peek during E3 in June.

The sequel will bring more first-person stealth, with a side of murdering, knocking-out, or avoiding enemies as you see fit. Emily and Corvo will have different styles as protagonists, packing different weapons, gadgets, and supernatural powers.

It's travelling to a new corner of the world, beyond the grim walls of Dunwall to the sunny land of Karnaca. It's inspired by Greece, Italy, Spain - quite different to Dunwall's Edinburgh-y, London-ish tones. Just watch out for the swarms of bloodflies which will feast on any corpses you happen to leave around, okay?

Bethesda say they'll show gameplay from Dishonored 2 during their E3 conference on June 12th. Normally I'd be a bit suspicious if a big-budget game were kept under wraps until only a few months before its release but, well, it's Dishonored, man. That game is good! I trust Arkane Studios know what they are doing.

Here's last year's flashy announcement trailer again:

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[Disclosure: former RPS columnist - and current Alice flatmate - Cara Ellison worked a bit on Dishonored 2.]

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