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Have Faith: Mirror's Edge 2 Slated For Early 2016

Still alive

We still haven't seen Mirror's Edge 2 [official site]. Not a screenshot, not a snippet of gameplay, nowt. Still that prototype footage Electronic Arts were showing off last year did look jolly nice, with swift punchy kicky and plenty of nifty free-running.

After years of muttering about rethinking and prototyping and reworking and going back to the drawing board, it seems the parkour 'em up sequel is actually happening now. It'll be in your one gloved hand at the start of 2016, some time from January to March, if EA's plans pan out.

In its latest financial results presentation [that's a PDF, I understand people like to be warned. Hey, Those People, stop using Adobe's PDF viewer - try Foxit], EA listed Mirror's Edge 2 for fourth quarter of its 2016 fiscal year. That's January 1st to March 31st, 2016, on the regular calendar.

The showing-off at E3 last year did seem to indicate that they were finally getting together. For years, DICE's relationship with the game was a big 'will they, won't they' like that unlikely couple in your favourite sitcom. I was going to say something like "But Ross and Rachel didn't work out, did they?" as some kind of cryptic hint that dreams don't always turn out the way you want but I've had a quick Google and oh good grief they got back together again this is just awful what a gross thing I need to watch that prototype again to cleanse my mind:

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