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Why are there so many Final Fantasy VII Remake dress mods?

So many

We called Final Fantasy VII Remake a luscious spectacle that takes FF7 in a bold new direction. You know what else takes it in a new direction? Dresses. Loads of them. Modders have been hard at work weaving nice dresses with their virtual looms at a rate of knots. Oh, and they’ve morphed characters into Buster Swords and produced some other equally useful things too. Let's have a gander at some of their most interesting creations.


Give FF7R’s Nexus Mods page a quick glance and you’ll notice that modders only care about one thing: dresses. Characters simply cannot wear their default gear, as that’s boring and unglamorous. So Tifa gets her Purple dress and Wutai dress and China dress. Aerith? There's an Ordinary dress and Cheap dress and *sighs* Sexy dress. Any look you're going for is covered here. All of these dresses stay equipped for entire playthroughs as well, so you can really admire their detailing and patchwork.

Cloud doesn’t escape some new garments, either. One mod gives him his Gorgeous Dress, which is the ultimate version of the dress he can wear in the HoneyBee scene. And it looks suitably... gorgeous. If you’d rather tone it down a bit, the Poor dress won’t show up your teammates quite so much.

And now we move onto weird weapons, which come courtesy of Adol, who has replaced Cloud’s Buster Sword with Scarlet’s model. Granted, it does make some sense. She is the head of weapons development at Shinra Corporation and is rather ruthless, after all. Perhaps, this is her understanding what it’s like to actually be a weapon. It’s all part of her research, clearly.

Cloud using Scarlet as his Buster Sword in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

On a similar note, Adol and Crandiff have swapped Aerith’s Guard Rod with Cloud’s Buster Sword. The sword disappears when she stands in place, but reappears when she’s moving and attacking. Her hands also clip through the handles a bit, but that’s understandable, as the size of that sword demands more than a normal grip.

Now for something quite useful. The Dynamic Resolution Disabler by BobG123 disables the game’s dynamic resolution scaler, which the game automatically turns on when setting an FPS cap. This should mean a clearer picture for those who own weaker rigs, as DRS won’t be around to scale your resolution down and make things blurrier.

So there we have it, lots of FF7 mods. Many of which are dresses! Why are there so many? Because we all know fashion eclipses game performance and graphics. Looking good is everything.

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