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Why, Robot: No Plans for Orcs Must Die 2 Mod Support

After Orcs Must Die made an oh-so-straightforward name for itself with a multiplatform release, it was bit odd - though certainly not unappreciated - to see the second of its orc-slaying lineage go PC-only. But then I began to imagine the possibilities afforded by legally binding, exploding-collar-enforced commitment to our benevolent platform of choice. Custom levels, all sorts of off-the-wall player created traps, genre-twisting overhauls like Orcs Must Meticulously Manage A Small Business For Some Reason. So, giddy with thoughts of pie-in-the-sky promise (and my custom map that's a lot like BioShock Infinite, except set on a giant pie), I asked Robot Entertainment if mod support was a lock for Orcs Must Die 2. Then I got really sad.

"We won't be supporting Steam Workshop or similar modding for OMD2," said a Robot Entertainment rep.

So that's pretty cut-and-dry. But, on the bright side, Robot's hedging every last one of its bets on PC. Consoles, somewhat amazingly, aren't even on the radar. The rep explained:

"When looking at our communities, we were really happy with how enthusiastic our Xbox community was, but they were very small, especially when compared to our PC community of players. Ultimately, we chose to focus all of our resources on one platform this time around and we went with the platform where we had the largest community. We currently have no plans to bring OMD2 to consoles."

So then, win some, lose some. In the meantime, fingers crossed for mod support in Orcs Must Di3, which I really hope won't actually be called that.

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