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Will You Dig The War For The Overworld Trailer?

You know the bit in action movies where Manly Heroman chases Singular Badman around a corner and there's a pause in the action? Everyone is sad because the movie has stopped, but then Heroman comes running and is being chased by Multiple Badmans and we're all happy to see more action? Well, that's kind of what's happening with Kickstarter. Except Heroman is a Kickstarter backer, and the baddies are the games he's waiting for. Right now we're still chasing after the games, but it feels like the corner's been turned. Hmm, that would mean there was only one released Kickstarter game, and there's been a few now. Abandon analogy, people! I'm sorry for dragging you into this sticky, illogical web of nonsense. What I wanted to say was the Kickstarted Dungeon Keeper-ish game War For The Overworld is now in beta, with a trailer below to show off what you'll get if you're interested in buying it post-Kickstarter. Let us never mention Analogygate ever again.

But let's all remember Dungeon Keeper, and how there's never really been an adequate follow-up to Petey Molly's dungeon-running game. That nostalgic wibblyness is what War For The Overworld is aiming at. It even has the original's booming voice-over artist, Richard Ridings, talking shop. If you didn't get involve in the Kickstarter, the game's first beta, Bedrock, is now available via Steam's Early Access. So says this trailer, at any rate.

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Anyone in? Shall I ask Alec to take it for a spin?

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