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Wilmot's Warehouse devs now have a weird museum in I Am Dead

Lovely, this

The next game from the team behind the wonderful Wilmot's Warehouse will not be Wilmot's Distribution Centre or Wilmot's Lockers, it's not about supply chains at all, and in fact it's a game where someone has already done all the hard work of organising for us. The collaborators of Hollow Ponds and Richard Hogg today announced I Am Dead, a "puzzle adventure game" about a lovely little island and the curator of its local museum - who happens to have recently died. Mystery is afoot. It looks lovely in the trailer, below.

That's a good island, and a great museum.

The recently-deceased Morris Lupton and his ghost dog Sparky will be trying to save the island of Shelmerston, sitting atop a volcano which seems to be awakening. Thankfully Morris now has ghostpowers, able to peer inside objects and into people's memories to find out more about the island, its residents, and how the volcano was stopped last time.

I Am Dead is coming to Steam later this year, as well as Nintendo Switch. It's made by Hollow Ponds and Richard Hogg, and published by Annapurna Interactive.

Our boy Nate said in his Wilmot's Warehouse review, "if I'm asked to come up with an example of a genuinely unique experience that shows what games are capable of in 2019, this is the block my internal Wilmot will bring forward from the tangled stacks of my memory."

Hollow Ponds made Loot Rascals before Wilmot, and before then several of them worked with Richard Hogg on Hohokum.

Disclosure: I consider several of the developers close acquaintances, collaborators, or even friends. Ricky, I promise I'll write you a big long disclosure comment another time.

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I Am Dead

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