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Wizard Of Legend adds a windy gust of air-magic content in free DLC

A bright and breezy expansion

Wizard Of Legend was a good game with a great core to it. Channelling the best bits of Avatar: The Last Airbender, it sold the fantasy of being a kung-fu wizard through exacting, frantic combat. My only real gripe with it in my review here was that there just wasn't enough of it. Today, developers Contingent99 addressed that, adding a bit more of everything to the arcade dungeon crawl, completely free. It now now features a wind-themed dungeon and corresponding arch-mage to fight, new spells to sling, new enemies to use them on, and an endless survival mode. Check it out in the trailer below.

You can see the full patch notes for the Sky Palace update here, but the short version is that while a the game is the same length, you won't always be travelling through the same three worlds. The addition of a wind-themed dungeon goes some way to mixing things up, and the new boss and enemies scale in aggression and intensity depending on when you encounter them. On top of the new area, there's 20 new spells, each with a Signature powered-up version. 35 new relics should offer a lot more variety to character perk builds as you work your way through the dungeons, too.

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There's a bunch more enemy variety, not just in the new Sky Palace area, too. Air elemental versions of most of the standard 'knight' enemies make an appearance, plus Lancer enemies can come in fruity elemental flavours. There's a new type of mini-boss, several new blob enemy types, the imposing sounding Laser Cyclops, and everyone's favouritest enemy ever: Mimics. Yep, those big generous treasure chests might be your worst enemy now. Once you've finished the story, you can also play an endless mode, and I'm interested to see how the game escalates past the original top difficulty.

All the other environments have seen some improvement too, with another 90+ room variations to run around in. It's not a cure to everything that ails the game (I'd love to see at least 5 or 6 environments, and maybe some extension to endgame), but this update adds a good bit of padding to a game that previously felt a little skeletal. The combat is every bit as good as before (better, thanks to the new stuff and some balance tuning), and now there's more things for you to hit. That's all I could really ask for in DLC, and making it free is just a breath of fresh (magical) air.

The Sky Palace update for the game is free, out now and with patch notes here. Wizard Of Legend is currently 40% off on both Steam and Humble, bringing it down to a breezy £7.43/€9.59/$9.59.

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