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Magical dungeon crawler Wizard of Legend looks wizard

Everyone secretly wishes they were a wizard, right?

Do you have a fast paced, spell-slinging dungeon crawler shaped hole in your gaming life? Well, Wizard of Legend might have you covered. It launched a Kickstarter campaign last year, but a new trailer has just brought it to our attention - where it probably should have been for a while.

I just spent ten minutes zapping my way around the demo, which has secured the game's place on my 'awesome wizard simulators' watch list.

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I'm reminded more of Battlerite than typical RPG's, with its lightning fast pace and emphasis on dodging. Wizard of Legend might not have quite the same level of tactical nuance, but a fleshed out campaign should make up for that.

You play as a competitor in the Chaos Trials, which sees you thrown into a series of dungeons where you have to gather an arsenal of spells and relics with the goal of becoming, you guessed it, a wizard of legend. The Kickstarter page goes into all the details, and includes a neat description of how the spells are made by harnessing 'raw chaos'. I always enjoy it when a fictional world explains the rules behind how its magic works - maybe it's something to do with applying logic to something that's inherently silly/mysterious.

The main draw is still the combat though, as beautifully illustrated by these gifs.

There'll also be local multiplayer, in both cooperative and competitive form. As a big fan of Battlerite and Magicka's PVP mode, I'm especially excited about the latter.

You can try out the demo here, which has an interesting - if limiting - setup. It takes place well after the actual game, in a modern museum that's been set up to commemorate the Chaos Trials.

Wizard of Legend will release early next year.

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