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Wordle answer (Tuesday 5 July 2022): Wordle word of the day #381 and hints

Hints and the answer to today's Wordle word

A close-up of part of a Wordle grid. The letters spell "what is the answer".
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Looking for the Wordle answer for Tuesday 5 July 2022? Wordle is a perfect game for people with limited time to play. All you need is a device with a web browser and a few spare minutes during the day, and you can take part in this daily word puzzle that's simple on the surface, but can be surprisingly tricky to work out. If you're having some trouble arriving at today's five-letter solution within your allotted six guesses, we've got you covered. Directly below we've come up with a few clues to help get you started, or you can scroll down below the video for the answer at the bottom of the page.

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Wordle July 5 hints

The Wordle answer today may be a word we all know, but that doesn't make discovering the answer easy. Take a look at the below Wordle hints and see if they will lead you to the solution:

  • This word contains two adjacent vowels.
  • The fourth letter is "L".
  • It has numerous meanings depending on context, but you might associate it primarily with open spaces.
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Today's Wordle answer July 5

Today's Wordle answer is: FIELD.

Field is one of those words that has way more versatility than you realise. As a noun alone it can refer to an open area of land, a branch of academic study, or the extent of the space you survey. It can also be used as a verb, in which case it means to deal with a task, or to take up a particular position when playing sports. Or it can be an adjective, describing a natural as opposed to a man-made environment (field experiments, anyone?). Wow, that's a lot of fields! Why not take some time to ponder its many meanings, and be sure to keep its identity as the solution to today's Wordle to yourself until tomorrow.

I was honestly surprised that this common five-letter word hadn't come up as the Wordle solution before this point. For more surprising ommissions, you can check your choice of word against our list of past Wordle answers — who knows, you might have hit upon an upcoming solution! That's a long-shot though, so be sure to take a look at our guide to the best Wordle starting words to help you develop a more methodical technique.

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