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Writer on impressive Fallout: London mod bags job at Bethesda

A sign that the mod's story is pretty decent?

A few months ago we reported on Fallout: London, an impressive-looking Fallout 4 mod project that will bring the post-apocalyptic RPG to England. It looks like a huge undertaking, pulling parts out of the US-centric game to make a UK-based, DLC-sized mod campaign, and for one modder it's led to a job at Bethesda. Stephanie Zachariadis, former head writer on Fallout: London, is now an associate quest designer at the studio.

"This is utterly fantastic news and something that all of the team here at FOLON stand behind and we wholeheartedly wish her the best on her endeavors," the Fallout: London team posted.

"Stephanie has been a pillar of support for the team and has helped create a fantastic and interesting main story and dialogue that we feel you will really enjoy - and we just know she'll be bringing these talents to the writing boards of Todd himself."

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They say that Zachariadis was heavily involved in making the story and quests in Fallout: London, leaving behind plenty of support for the rest of the team to continue the work. Unfortunately, she can't contribute to the project any longer, as it would be a conflict of interest with Bethesda, though the team's project lead and creative director are running things in the writing department for now, and are currently hiring for a new writer to work on the mod's dialogue.

As for updates on Fallout: London itself, at the end of June, the modders released the video below detailing the progress made so far. We get a look at a couple of enemy types, including watery foes like the Thamesfolk and Thameshounds. These are people and creatures altered by the toxicity of London's river Thames - they're not quite ghouls, but certainly not normal either. (I wouldn't be surprised if beasts like these were already living at the bottom of that rank river.)

Watch on YouTube

Short of that, the modders have also been gradually releasing songs they've made for Fallout: London's OST. I'm personally a big fan of The Blighty Bop, which is indeed a bop.

The mod is a little ways off of releasing yet, but for more updates keep an eye on the Fallout: London website, or head to their YouTube channel to catch more sick tunes.

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