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XCOM 2 Announcement Trailer: Alien Vs. Swordman

Oops! Missed this!

In all our excitement about the announcement of XCOM 2 [official site] yesterday, we missed the cinematic trailer showing XCOM rebels battling snakecops in a futurecity. Perhaps it was for the best: Adam's happy little dance might've gone on so long he ground his legs to stumps had he seen that too. Me, I'm too achy to dance today, so I can safely post about the trailer.

Are you okay to watch it? I accept no liability for any stumpings that may occur.

Watch on YouTube

XCOM 2 goes down 20 years after humanity surrenders to the alien menace (presumably they came back with a bigger fleet after Enemy Unknown, or something) and XCOM disbands, leaving Earth run by alien overlords who want everyone in nice happy megacities. Now a plucky young group of rebels are fighting back, skulking around the globe trying to build support and take down the invaders and their sinister plans. It's a lot like the plot to StreetDance 2 really.

It'll bring new classes, randomised maps, more enemy types including those Snakemen returning from dear old X-COM, and better modding support. That all sounds great.

Delightfully, we don't have that long to wait, as it's slated for release in November. Feral Interactive will be handling Mac and Linux versions.

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