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XCOM Chimera Squad training: how to remove scars

Requirements for training

There are plenty of ways to upgrade your agents in XCOM Chimera Squad, one of which is via the training facility. Training can either be used to increase the stats of your agents permanently, give them new abilities, or remove scars.

XCOM Chimera Squad training guide

Our XCOM Chimera Squad training guide will go over all the training available and the requirements you need to achieve to execute them.

XCOM Chimera Squad training list

Training is unlocked relatively early on in the game and allows you to assign one member of your team to increase their stats. Initially, you'll only have basic training that everyone can learn, but as your agents are promoted to better ranks, more training options will be unlocked for them to learn. It's worth noting that some training options have the same name, but give a squad member a different benefit.

Some training won't appear on the list to begin with. This is because they are used to remove scars. All scars seem to take two days to be removed and do not take any resources to heal aside from time. Once you've got spare capacity in your squad, use the training facility to heal scars while you use other agents to take on missions. Here are all of the currently known training options in XCOM Chimera Squad:

TrainingAgentEffect gainedTime to train
Basic ConditioningAll+2 HP2 days
Unlock PotentialAllUnlocks bonus stats specific to that agent. +2 dodge: Verge +2 mobility: Cherub, Shelter, and Zephyr +1 mobility and +20 dodge: Torque +1 mobility and +15 dodge: Godmother +15 crit chance: Blueblood +1 utility item slot: Terminal, and Patchwork +1 armor: Claymore +1 mobility and +1 armor: Axiom3 days (Requires Special Agent rank)
Step UpGodmotherScoring one or more kills grants Godmother a free reload action.5 days (Requires Principal Agent rank)
Return FireCherubCherub fires back at the attacker when shot.5 days (Requires Principal Agent rank)
GuardianTerminalOverwatch abilities trigger for multiple targets as long as ammo is available.5 days (Requires Principal Agent rank)
Mind LashVergeMindflay deals an additional 1 damage to each enemy in the Neural Network. 5 days (Requires Principal Agent rank)
WritheShelterPsionically drains life from a target in melee range. This damages the target and heals the user. This is also usable by Shelter's Psi Fracture.5 days (Requires Principal Agent rank)
Heavy OrdinanceClaymoreGrenade items gain a bonus use. Affects support grenades, not just offensive ones.5 days (Requires Principal Agent rank)
Quick ReloadBluebloodReload is a free action.5 days (Requires Principal Agent rank)
Storm GeneratorPatchworkIncreases the chain range of Chaining Jolt5 days (Requires Principal Agent rank)
High ImpactZephyrCrowd Control will apply a random debuff to each target. Potential outcomes include disarmed, rooted, and disorientated.5 days (Requires Principal Agent rank)
CounterattackAxiomAxiom has a chance to counterattack any melee attack against him, ignoring the damage of the attacker and hitting the attacker.5 days (Requires Principal Agent rank)
Tag TeamTorqueUsing Tongue Pull on an ally grants that ally one action immediately. Does not affect the target's cooldowns.5 days (Requires Principal Agent rank)
Mental PreparationAllRemove "Unfocused" scar (Psi)2 days
Heightened ReflexesAllRemove "Sluggish" scar2 days
FitnessAllRemove "Hobbled" scar2 days
ResolveAllRemove "Shell-shocked" scar (Will)2 days
MarksmanshipAllRemove "Blunted" scar (Crit chance)2 days

XCOM Chimera Squad training

XCOM Chimera Squad guide series

Thanks for reading our XCOM Chimera Squad training guide. Now you know more about how to train your troops and how to get rid of scars. Do check out the rest of our guides below, which includes details on agent builds, as well as other key info.

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