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Control and XCOM: Chimera Squad headline Humble Choice for March

Get all 12 games for just £9 / $12 until April 6th

Humble have announced the latest batch of games coming to their monthly subscription service Humble Choice this evening, and March's bundle looks to be one of the best in quite a while. Not only is it headlined by Remedy's excellent telekinetic shooter Control, but it's also joined by XCOM: Chimera Squad and indie side-scrolling strategy game Kingdom Two Crowns to name just a few of the games appearing in the 12-strong bundle. That's over $260 worth of games for just £9 / $12.

You'll need to have an active Humble Choice subscription to take advantage of the bundle (you can sign up here or use the link below if you don't), but it's probably worth doing for Control alone if you haven't got round to playing it yet, as this is definitely the lowest price I've seen for it since it first came out in 2019. After all, the beauty of Humble Choice is that you're not locked in for a set amount of time, and you can cancel your subscription straight away if you just want to sign up for a month to get a particular set of games. You don't lose access to your Choice games, either, as they're for keeps forever regardless of whether you have an active subscription or not.

In case you're unfamiliar with Humble Choice, here's a quick reminder of how it works. There are three different price tiers to choose from (Lite, Basic and Premium), but you'll need to be on the Basic or Premium tiers to get the monthly subscription games. Basic lets you pick a total of three games every month, while Premium gets you nine of them. As mentioned above, though, they're yours to keep forever once they've been redeemed, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Cover image for YouTube videoOwn Control forever when it comes to Choice on March 2nd!

The top Premium tier is actually the best value one at time of writing, as Humble currently have another on for new subscribers that lets you lock in 12 months for $12 / month - a saving of 40% off its usual price. What's more, new Premium members can get all 12 games this month until April 6th, bagging you three extra games compared to what you'd normally get.

Of course, I should also note that Control did come to Xbox Game Pass for PC last month as well, so Game Pass subscribers should probably check it out there instead unless you're particularly adamant about having your own copy of it.

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