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You can now play Pokémon Red inside a Twitter avatar

Can I get an Up in the chat?

Pokémon's all about becoming "the very best, like no one ever was", and game programmer Constantin Lietard has given hundreds, if not thousands of budding trainers the opportunity. He's built a script which lets people play Pokémon Red inside his Twitter avatar.

Reply to Lietard's Tweet below with any of the game's inputs (Up, Down, Left, Right, A, B, Start, and Select), and the most popular result every 15 seconds will be chosen. The fruits of the chat spam will then show up once Lietard's 400x400 avatar refreshes.

At the time of writing there's been over 30,000 replies to Lietard's Tweet, and due to popular demand he created a category in his Discord server to help players better coordinate whether they walk into a wall or enter the settings menu for the umpteenth time.

What are Twitter Plays Pokémon up to now? I'm currently watching them stand still and rifle through their Pokémon, one of which is a Wartortle called "AMAYBE". A member of the Discord channel suggested that they name their Spearow "ASPEAR". It looks like they're about to set off, I think?!

This isn't the first time an internet hivemind has come together to conquer a videogame. The popular Twitch Plays has seen Twitch chat tackle Pokémon already, (kinda) beat Dark Souls, and more recently even land a plane in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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