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You can play private matches in Crucible until it's gone for good on November 9th

A few final firefights

Amazon's bang bang 'em up FPS Crucible has certainly been through—well a crucible, I suppose, though it hasn't emerged stronger and reformed. After a messy launch and retreating back to closed beta, Amazon Game Studios announced that the game wouldn't be making a return. As a last hurrah, Crucible has given players the ability to host private matches now that the matchmaking queue is shut off. You have until November 9th to enjoy some last shootouts with your pals, after which Crucible will be gone for good.

"Players can now create their own private Crucible matches to play with friends, scrimmage against other teams, or arrange private tournaments," Amazon Game Studios say. "To help send Crucible off in high fashion, we’ve unlocked all skins, voice lines, emotes, etc. for all players."

AGS says you can now select the "custom game" match type to host a four vs four match. A full crew of eight is required to begin the game. In these private matches, four additional players can join in to spectate those playing. The match leader can move other players between teams or into the spectator role at will. They can also set the lobby to "friends only" or "invite only".

At noon PST / 8pm GMT on November 9th Crucible servers will be pulled offline and the game will be removed from Steam.

By the by, Amazon's other game, the MMO New World, has been delayed until spring 2021. Here's hoping that it's learning some lessons from Crucible's fizzle and will fare better at launch.

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