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You can pre-load Cyberpunk 2077 right now but if you try to play early Johnny gives you a scolding

No peeking, V

We're three days off the launch day for Cyberpunk 2077 but PC players can start downloading the game right now ahead of time. Of course you can't play it yet though. Or perhaps you can? Folks who have pre-loaded the game on their machines may be delighted to see that you can in fact press "play" once it's done. Alas, you're only in store for a scold from Johnny Silverhand until the game is properly out.

Folks who've pre-ordered Cyberpunk 2077 on either GOGSteam, or the Epic Games store should now be able to begin downloading it prior to the proper launch day this Thursday. Once you're done, you'll apparently find that you can in fact choose to play the game. One player posted a screenshot of what happened when they did. The gates of Night City aren't mysteriously unguarded three days ahead of schedule, though.

A view of a junkyard in Night City from Cyberpunk 2077 with a caption of Johnny Silverhand's line "Go back to sleep, Samurai. It's not December 10th yet!"
Image credit: "Jmendo02"

When booting the game up, user "Jmendo02" was greeted by a line from Cyberpunk star Johnny Silverhand saying "Go back to sleep, Samurai. It's not December 10th yet!" Well, it was worth a shot.

Whether or not you've got Cyberpunk 2077 sitting in your library right now, you'll need to wait until the proper time to play. December 10th is the official date, but since it's a worldwide launch you may actually get to play on the evening of the 9th depending on where you're at. According to CDPR, the takeoff occurs at 12am GMT on December 10th, which is 4pm PST/7pm EST on December 9th.

Until then, have a lie down. Probably a couple lie downs. Johnny will be there to make sure you don't open your cyber gifts early in the meantime.

CDPR have also warned streamers not to leak footage ahead of launch. Of course there have been leaks anyhow. Alice Bee took a look at one of them and and deemed it kinda boring and not worth watching.

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