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You're stuck on an oil rig with an unknowable horror in The Chinese Room's new adventure

Still Wakes The Deep looks, in a word, horrifying

Light filters through the door to an office, almost as if it was underwater in Still Wakes The Deep
Image credit: The Chinese Room

I do love me a game from The Chinese Room, and Still Wakes The Deep looks to be a right old trip. Announced during the Xbox Games Showcase at this year's not-E3, this first-person horror adventure casts you as a worker on an off-shore industrial oil rig and something seems to have slithered aboard from the depths. Check out the trailer below for some major chills.

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Information is still light surrounding Still Wakes The Deep, but the crux is: you're screwed. Stuck in the middle of the Scottish seas with all lines of communication down, you need to survive on the rig for as long as you can, fighting for your life as something pursues you.

The trailer shows lots of tight metal corridors, clunky industrial innards, and other super uncomfortable claustrophobic spaces that you'll have to navigate through. We don't actually get to see any sort of monster, although there is a gurgling screech at the end so that's a nice scary teaser that I'll be hearing in my nightmares.

It feels like solitary sea horror is having a moment right now. Full Fathom is another upcoming horror game where you're in charge of controlling a deteriorating seacraft through terrible waters, and indie submarine horror Iron Lung is getting a film adaptation.

But back to Still Wakes The Deep. No release date has been announced yet but it'll be releasing "early 2024" according to the trailer. You can look out for it on Game Pass and Xbox Series S/X consoles.

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