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Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana hits PC on January 30th

With its original translation troubles behind it

The PC version of Nihon Falcom's RPG Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana will arrive on January 30th, publishers NIS America have announced. This is almost five months after the console version but, unlike that, the PC release won't launch with shoddy localisation. The original English script was so wonky that NISA have been reworking it to fix typos, errors, and clunky translation, and re-recording dialogue to match. While those changes will come to consoles as a patch, they'll be in the PC version from the start, giving us a better initial experience.

NISA also shared a few screenshots showing that new localisation, and I've tracked down what (I'm pretty sure?) the original lines were:

Old: "Okay. My name is Alison... Please, just call me Alison."
New: "O-Okay... My name is Alison..."

Old: "I was granted the destiny of offering myself as the Maiden of the Great Tree of Beginnings."
New: "I have answered the call of the Great Tree of Origins, and offer myself to become its appointed maiden."

Old: "Your Eminence, please allow us to watch over you during the Tree Festival today."
New: "Your Eminence, we are honored to bear witness as you perform the Arboreal Awakening."

Old: "Hmhm, I actually studied really hard!"
New: "Hehehe! I study, study, study till my head starts hurting, y'know!"

I wouldn't say it's good writing but the new versions do seem less weird on the whole. NISA also recently a video of a whole cutscene but a quick look for videos of the original version only turned up ones with awful commentary from players so eh, no comparison here.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana is coming to Windows via Steam and GOG on January 30th. Never pre-order, obvs, but especially don't here, given the potential troubles and the fact that everyone who buys the game by February 6th will get DLC odds and ends free, whether they pre-ordered or not.

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