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18 Minutes Of Heaven: Grim Dawn Alpha Footage

Grim Dawn, the action RPG that grew from stirring the ashes of Titan Quest in a Kickstarter crucible, has been relatively quiet. Unlike bigger, bolder games, developers Crate Entertainment took the cash of the crowd and then retreated into the warm, dark embrace of their community. The last video the team released was a year ago, and the website is basically a frame for their Twitter feed. There's no harm in that, but it does mean the game dropped off the map a little. I'd basically forgotten it existed. But I've been recently reminded, because the game jumped out at me wearing a t-shirt that reads "I'm With Stupid", though "With" and "Stupid" are crossed out, replaced with "In" and "Alpha". Get better marketers, guys!

It's a big day for a game that's been crowd-funded to finally be handed over to the community. After all, they're invested in the quality of the game. Grim Dawn went live via Steam this week, so now it's in the hands of everyone that pledged at that tier. And, what do you know, they've already been making videos. I've managed to find one without any commentary over it, so you get to see the character creation and some early action without me having to worry about the player dropping bad language and uncomfortable views about marriage laws. Thanks for the silent approach, RicHSAD2.

Watch on YouTube

Anyone in? What do you think of the game thusfar? We have a hands-on preview coming on Monday.

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