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Arena Action: Grim Dawn Launches Crucible Mode DLC

A new way to loot

The action-RPG Grim Dawn [official site] - one of our favourite games so far this year - now has a touch of DLC. The newly-released Crucible Mode adds an arena wave survival mode with hordes of awful monsters to murder, defenses to build and upgrade, treasures to win, and mega-points to score. As survival modes go, it looks pretty robust. Naturally, it supports multiplayer too.

As these things do, Crucible plonks players in arenas to fight off huge swarms of monsters. Waves get tougher along the way, with bigger and nastier monsters and combinations of mutators buffing them - and the prizes get greater. The Crucible has 150 waves and three difficulty modes. It's more than just clicking on monsters, mind. Crucible Mode lets players build and upgrade defensive and offensive towers, and you can earn big buffs too. That sounds pretty good!

While Crucible Mode is, as you might guess, a separate mode not integrated into the main campaign, your regular campaign characters can play.

Anyway, you can read all about it all over here.

Crucible Mode is about £3.81/4,66€/$4.66 on Steam and GOG right now, including a small launch discount. The base game's on sale too, down to £11.99/14,99€/$14.99 on Steam and GOG.

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