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Grim Dawn's expansion raising Necromancer class


A spooky-ooky Necromancer class is coming to action-RPG Grim Dawn [Grim Dawn] in the next expansion, developers Crate Entertainment have announced. No Diablo 'em up is complete without a Necromancer, after all. I'd be fascinating to see how it worked with a Necrodancer but this will have to do. As you'd expect, Grim Dawn's Necrodancer will have powers to drain life, spread disease, and of course raise a rowdy gang of skeletons to roll around with.

Crate announced the Necromancer today in a dev blog post. They say:

"Necromancers employ horrifying minions and debilitating spells that harvest the very souls from their foes, making them a deadly combatant at any distance. Their greatest strength lies in the use of Aether and Vitality magic, though they do not shy away from using Cold and Poison as well."

Yes yes, but how fancy are their skellingtons?

"A necromancer is not complete without an arsenal of undead minions to do his bidding. With [the Raise Skeletons] ability, you raise three skeletons to serve you. More powerful minions have a chance to emerge at higher ranks. Bring forth any combination of warriors, archers, mages and revenants.

"Further mastery through modifiers increases the summon limit as well as the longevity and durability of your undead servants. When fully trained, any foes you slay have a chance to reset the cooldown."

Crate explain a few more abilities, though they do note that all of these ideas might change before the expansion launches later.

The expansion is due later this year, packing a new story chapters and a second new class, the the Inquisitor. Another addition is Illusionists who, much like World of Warcraft's transmogrification, can make weapons look like other weapons and armour look like weapon - important for any fashionmancer. Also coming are Item Skill Modifiers, letting items boost and change your abilities.

Alec told us Wot He Thought of Grim Dawn in January 2016, shortly before it left early access and properly launch. If you've been greeting the dawn grimly since then, how does all this sound?

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