Best Fallout 4 Mods

Fallout 4 has been out for a few months now, which means a few months for the community to produce hundreds of excellent, essential and silly mods to enhance the game. We’ve sifted through all of them to select the current best mods for Fallout 4.

How to install Fallout 4 mods

Fallout 4 Configuration Tool / Fallout 4 Mod Manager
By Bilago and grasmann, respectively

Right, first thing’s first: best get our admin in order if we’re to stand a better chance of conquering the Commonwealth. Let’s look at settings and storage.

The Fallout 4 Configuration Tool is the best way to set about your settings as it lets you to tweak, tease and twist more than the game’s standard launcher and generic in-game menu allows. The journey ahead is a long and darned dangerous one – just ask Michael Radiatin’ – so make sure to adjust your mouse sensitivity to your liking, customise your resolution, and set colours for your HUD, Pip-Boy, and VATS before you set off. Perhaps you want to broaden your field of view, disable gore, or toggle the frame rate or mouse acceleration too whilst you’re at it? Pick and choose to your heart’s content, Sole Survivor. Best not lock yourself out the console if you’re interested in the remainder of this list, though. We might, ahem, tinker with that a little bit later on.

As noted above, we’re still waiting for official Fallout 4 modding support, however the Fallout 4 Mod Manager nevertheless offers a straightforward, streamlined setup to help organisation. If, like me, you find keeping track of your mods a progressively confuddling dealio, this application will serve you well on that front.

Fallout 4 Graphics Mods

Want to make Fallout 4 more pretty? Whether in animation, lighting, texture, small details or large, these mods will make you a more beautiful wasteland.

Stalker Lighting / Enhanced Wasteland Preset
By Garny and Razed, respectively

From what I gather, The Internet’s opinion is split with regards to Fallout 4’s attuned vibrancy – Alec seems happy with the fact that “a brown fog has been lifted” this time round – but I don’t like it. Touch wood, I’ve never had to imagine the real world post-nuclear devastation, but I assume things will be bleak, dark and drained of colour. Or at least that’s what Fallout 3 and New Vegas taught me. For me, Fallout 4 needs toned down.

Enter Stalker Lightning, a mod which does just that. By swapping the buoyancy of the standard pallet for more appropriate nuclear-holocaustic hues, not only does Fallout 4 benefit aesthetically, it benefits atmospherically too. “I dont like the ugly Bioshock optics in Fallout 4,” reads the mod’s descriptor. “You can feel the post apocalyps [sic] atmosphere and I think it looks much better.” As do I.

However, if you side with the many other commentators who think Fallout 4 would be better served by more (more?!) colour, Enhanced Wasteland Preset adds a touch more vibrancy to the Commonwealth in order to make it appear “less washed out”.

Realistic Death Physics
By mm137

As a planet, we’ve never really witnessed mass-nuclear apocalypse, yet there’s an argument to be made that Fallout 4 gets it wrong. To this end, we can pick up some of the realism slack a bit by tweaking the wasteland’s physics and aesthetics.

Ever met a Feral Ghoul? Ever punched one? I’ve only ever managed both within the bounds of The Commonwealth, yet I’m fairly certain my right hook isn’t capable of sending such a beast flying backwards 10 feet on its arse from a balanced stance – no matter how much spinach I’ve scoffed that day. Realistic Death Physics recalculates gravity and force so as to depict falling dead bodies the way they might behave in reality. I think there’s something wonderful about death animations when they’re made so realistically.

True Storms – Wasteland Edition (Thunder Rain Weather Redone) / Fallout 4 Seasons
By fadingsignal and GameDutchess, respectively

Speaking realism, The Commonwealth’s weather ain’t up to much, is it? True Storms is a wonderful climate customiser that’s able to alter everything on the game’s generic astronomical chart – from how the rain looks, to the sounds that tear through a stormy sky – and even produces new conditions across the Boston sandbox. Heavy fog, for example, gives the wasteland a Silent Hill feel; whereas radiation rain can inflict as much as 8 rads/sec upon any unlucky chap that gets caught in an unexpected downpour.

The Seasons Mod, on the other hand, is technically another cheat in that it’s actually a whole host of weather mods combined to great effect. Driven to sculpt more realistic landscapes, creator GameDutchess actually studied photos of Hiroshima and Nagasaki before setting about a mod that puts The Commonwealth through four post-apocalyptic seasons. GameDutchess recommends the use of at least nine different weather mods to achieve the best results, and as many as 18 to accomplish those seen in the video above. The results are pretty remarkable, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Fallout 4 Settlement Mods

Half the fun of Fallout is building yourself a new home amid the wasteland rubble, but the default options are a little limited. These Fallout 4 settlement mods will help with that.

Create a New Settlement Anywhere
By Helioglyph

Which is what you should totally do. Settlement building – for better or worse – is one of Fallout 4’s defining features, and is certainly one that sets it apart from its series forerunners. But being told where to build your dream pad of nuts and bolts and corrugated tin feels a bit, well, shit.

Field Of Dreams would’ve been a lot less powerful if the corn farmer had been told: “If you build it, he will come. But, um, you can’t build there. Or there. Sorry mate, not there either.” Why should your grandiose building plans be compromised by stupid rules and bureaucratic regulations? There’s been a nuclear holocaust for goodness’ sake, I’m sure the local planning authority has its hands tied elsewhere.

Let Create A New Settlement Anywhere tear through that pesky red tape. Although strictly speaking not a mod, this bat file executes a console command in-game that essentially lets you open workshop mode anywhere in The Commonwealth and build to your heart’s content.

Robot Home Defence
By TheTalkieToaster

On the subject of settlement defence, it’s all very well crafting turrets and generators and explosive babies (see below) but, really, what you want is guaranteed, reliable, automated protection. Enter Robot Home Defence, a mod that’ll let you add Protectrons, Mister Gutsies, Assaultrons, Sentry Bots, Emergency Services Protectrons, Mister Handies, Miss Nannies, Utility Protectrons, Protectron Brewers, Generation 1 synths AND Generation 2 synths to your abodes.

With more robots than Benjamin Buford Blue’s seafood menu has shrimp dishes, you can sleep easy at night, safe in the knowledge this force – that won’t count towards your population cap – has you covered. In other words: build as many of these bastards as you want and see how those drifting Deathclaws that dare dwell on your doorstep get on thereafter. And if you decide to up sticks and leave, this squadron will happily fast travel along with you.

BioShock Infinite Columbia themed settlement mod / Snap’n Build
By GPGShepard and ad3d0, respectively

When I said I wanted to build my settlement anywhere I wanted, this wasn’t quite what I had in mind. It is, nevertheless, testament to just what can be done in Fallout 4 with a little bit of ingenuity, a load of originality and a shit tonne of patience, perseverance and attention to detail.

In order to recreate BioShock Infinite’s floating city of Columbia for yourself, you’re looking at downloading ten different mods – including GPGShepard’s own BioShock Paintings mod (direct link to download zip file) – before attempting to craft a lighthouse, shops with Civil War-esque pictures, memorabilia and Quantum Nuka Cola bottles masquerading as Gene Tonics and Vigors. The pensive Booker DeWitt lookalike seen in the video might even be using the Armorsmith Extended mod, but I can’t be sure of that.

I guess there is always a man and a lighthouse and a city after all. Huh.

Again, patience will play a huge part in seeing this through, which is why I’d also recommend the incredibly handy Snap ‘n Build which makes fitting seemingly incongruous parts together easy peasy. Besides bunkers, industrial bridges and capsules, this mod also lets you build greenhouses in order to grow crops your settlement.

Higher Settlement Budget
By GrimTech – PatrickJr

If you’re all about that base, you might’ve been let down by the size cap imposed on run of the mill Fallout 4 settlements. Of course, this arbitrary limit exists to keep things ticking over: governing how much shit you can cram into one space naturally prevents crashes, lag, frame rate issues and/or all of the above. With the Higher Settlement Budget mod in place, however, you can wave that size restriction goodbye and build to you burst – you or your CPU, whichever tires first.

Creator PatrickJr recommends installing the mod manually and not via the Nexus Mod Manager. The handy tutorial video above shows how to get it working in 60 seconds.

As a one-time Habbo Hotel aficionado (I know, I know), I could see myself sinking hours, days, weeks into architecting the most awesome abodes with this mod, but it’s something I’d do with caution. I agree, the limit cap is pants, but is building a sprawling headquarters while running the rest of that game into the ground really worth it?

Fallout 4 Weapon Mods & Armour Mods

If you’re looking for Fallout mods which give you more firepower, more customisation, more ways to take it to the wasteland, then this is the place for you.

Any Mod Any Weapon
By LucasGod

Let’s get silly. Let’s drop all the realism and serious mumbo jumbo and take on whatever the hell The Commonwealth wants to throw at us with Any Mod Any Weapon – a mod that removes the mod restriction from, you guessed it, any weapons.

“MMOOOODDSSS!” you’ll cry as you sprint into the wilderness in a fiery haze armed with some of the most bonkers weapons configurations The Commonwealth doesn’t normally have to offer. Now I can’t say it’ll get you home any quicker, but it’ll certainly make the walk back a lot less stressful.

Fancy taking out a ghoul with an Electrified Triple Barrel Minigun? Do it. You wanna waste a Super Mutant Skirmisher with a Targeting Huge Target Seeking Fat Man? Do it. You’ve got a hankering to hammer a Deathclaw into the ground with a Recoil Compensated Huge Rapid Gatling Laser? Do it. Maybe you’re happy simply screaming into the sky while sounding off a Suppressed Triple Barrel .44 into the air in angst? I say do it, dang nabbit!

Armorsmith Extended / Remove Power Armour Drain
By Gambit 77 and The Iron Rose, respectively

While you’re tearing up the wasteland, wouldn’t it be nice to at the same time button down your shirt? Armorsmith Extended is one of the most downloaded Fallout 4 mods since the game’s release and for good reason – just look how cool it makes you look. Why should getting armoured up come at the cost of looking good, many a Boston hipster has pondered since the Great War of 2077.

Armorsmith Extended answers that question with a simple: now you can. If you wanna wear that ball gown under plated armour, sure thing; if you wanna wear that three-piece suit beneath that leather chest piece, then go for it. Hell, combine a pair of shades with a feathered trilby hat and a gas mask if you so wish. Express yourself!

Unfortunately, you can’t don a fur coat on top of Power Armour as it covers all, so you may as well pimp up your mechanical suit with the Customize Power Armour and Jetpack Drain mod that prevents your juice from ever running dry.

Craftable Guns and Weapons / Craftable Ammunition
By The Iron Rose and Xylozi, respectively

The Craftable Guns and Weapons mod and the Craftable Ammunition mod are a match made in Heaven. This would be a parallel interpretation of Heaven, of course, whereby instead of Saint Peter holding the keys to the divine afterlife as he stands next to two pearly gates, you’d instead have the gun-toting Simpsons character Colonel Tex O’Hara holding two guns stood next to two even bigger guns.

These mods add every type of ammunition and just about every type of ranged weapon as a craftable objects to Fallout 4’s Chemistry Stations. Standard bullets can be formulated as soon as you’ve sourced the raw materials, but more complex ammo is gated behind certain perks – Fusion Cells, for example, are made up of: 10x Cartridge Casing, 10x Connectivity Matrix, 10x Ignition Control; and require the Gun Nut perk at rank 2, and the Science! perk at rank 1.

The same applies to weapons, but those that can be crafted without satisfying addition perk demands include: 0.44 Pistol, 10mm Pistol, Combat Revolver, Assault Rifle, and the Sub-machine Gun. Yippee ki yay!

Brotherhood (And other factions) Fire team Support and Supply / Creature Follower ESP version
By Grant2600 and by BOTLANNER with credit to DumdogsWorld, respectively

Why stop at weaponry? Get your crew involved.

In Glasgow, the colloquial/slang term for hand is ‘hawn’. If someone requires ‘handers’, or ‘hawners’ as we say, it means that someone needs backup in a fight. The Brotherhood (And other factions) Fire team Support and Supply mod brings some top pedigree hawners to the Commonwealth.

Once installed, inputting bat files lets you summon knights, sentries, fire teams, a whole shitting Brotherhood of Steel company – including aid workers, recon, and ammo supplies – some Commonwealth Minutemen, and even Deathclaws to you side in an instant.

Similarly, the Creature Follower ESP version mod adds a follower to your side without occupying a follower slot (meaning you could in theory have two followers at any one time). Choose from: a Deathclaw, a Yao Guai bear, a Generation 1 Synth, a Generation 2 Synth, a cat (who won’t fight in combat, the bastard), a Mutant Hound, a Super Mutant Behemoth, a Raider Dog, a Gorilla, a Radscorpion, or a Vicious Dog. This detailed video explains how to install the mod and also shows the mod in action:

Bullet Time Mod (Alpha)
By hawkidoki

So when you find yourself in a tight spot, without the time nor means to deploy your hawners, what do you do? You slow down time.

Pulling from the Bullet Time Mods found in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, Bullet Time Mod (Alpha) creator hawkidoki has modded the behaviour of in-game drug JET, renaming it Bullet Time, making it weightless and also so that it incurs zero addiction.

At the moment, hawkidoki admits the lack of advanced or custom scripts limit how well the mod can perform but as it stands Bullet Time (Alpha) slows down time during shootouts, resonant of Action Quake 2 or the Max Payne series. So as to avoid spamming, a minimum requirement of 50 AP (about half of a full bar) is required to initiate a maximum seven seconds in Bullet Time, which incurs +5 radiation damage with each use. Activating and immediately deactivating drains your whole AP bar at which point you’ll need to accumulate 50 AP to reuse.

“Without advanced/custom scripts, F4SE or even GECK I cannot go any further,” says creator hawkidoki. “The solution I propose on [update] 0.7a is the most advanced and possible thing we can do with *.esp method only. I would like to tweak many aspects (minimum AP, AP drain etc.), but it’s most likely impossible.”

Those who aren’t particularly fond of using V.A.T.S. on the offensive should keep a watchful eye on this one, particularly when official modding support arrives.

Atom Bomb Baby / notShaun
By Trainwiz and Gawl40, respectively

Fallout 4’s been with us for a fair few months now, thus I imagine a fair few wasteland wanderers will have bested its story by now. So, let’s talk Shaun. You know, your son? The boy you’re out to rescue from the outset? The lad the game’s main narrative thread is supposed to be set around? No, you’re right – it was hard to give a toss about the young fella in the beginning, given that we knew essentially nothing about him and were offered few emotive hooks to actually want to save him.

Which is probably why the Atom Bomb Baby mod, which swaps mini-nukes fired from a Fat Man rocket launcher with Baby Shauns, is way more fun than this lackluster pursuit. While you struggle to get that horrendously irritating song about babies and wigwams out of your head, have a look at notShaun too, a mod that lets you craft animated babbies from wood via a chem workbench. Instantly, you get your son back! And – if you need him to start pulling his weight around the settlement a little bit more – stick ‘em in a Junk Jet and send him and his clones zipping across The Commonwealth at will. Attack is the best form of defense, no matter the circumstances.

Fallout 4 UI Mods

Improved Map with Visible Roads
By mm137

So you’ve built a settlement out in the middle of nowhere because, well, you can, but on the hoof back from a side quest/standard-search-retrieve-and-murder-fest you’ve been caught in some of a weather mod’s terrible fog and sense a heavy dust storm a brewin’. You’ve always been opposed to fast travel – that takes away from the majesty, wonder and peril of the open world, right? – but, truly, this Pip Boy screen isn’t worth shit. Is that there squiggly line a road, a railway track, a mark on your PC monitor, or the start of a migraine? And, most importantly, will any of the above lead you back home?

The Improved Map with Visible Roads map tidies up your entire wrist-mounted interface with better map markers, an optional numbered grid, and three brightness settings, among a number of other handy features. You’ll never get lost again.

no dotdotdot / PipWare UI Fallout4 Edition
By just and rebb, respectively

Now, onto the finer details of what we’ll be laying our peepers on amid the chaos in Boston: the user interface.

Whereas the similarly menu-heavy Skyrim has the wonderful UI-altering SkyUI mod, the Fallout series has never really had such a definitive go-to user interface mod under Bethesda/Obsidian’s care. This is likely because most of Fallout’s menu tinkering takes place within the confines of the Pip-Boy, thus practical limitations (the size of the device’s screen) are forced upon the process. But daft things still prove endlessly irritating, like when certain locations, quest info, or item descriptions over-run the set character length and swap out the ends of words with “…” Locating information quickly can become problematic when unable to see entire words, thus no dotdotdot offers a simple fix by reducing the letter sizing of longer words so as to avoid half-readable sentences.

Another handy UI-altering mod is PipWare UI Fallout4 Edition which changes how the mouse wheel works inside lists of menus. “Instead of scrolling one line per ‘mouse wheel unit’, it will scroll one page of items,” says the mod’s creator. Furthermore, PipWare UI FE allows you to tone down the size of the UI icons and also adjust how these are offset from the default position, meaning you can push the HP and AP bars to the furthermost corners of the screen, should you desire.

The main drawback of these equally helpful mods is that they don’t support one another, which is a real shame as they’d work very well hand-in-hand. There’s chat on each mod’s page of realising such a collaboration by way of multiple player requests. Fingers crossed it eventually happens.

Full Dialogue Interface
By Cirosan and shadwar

With our micro presentation sorted, how will we present ourselves to the world?

The well-worn adage ‘think before you speak’ becomes a shit-sight harder when someone else is putting words into your mouth that you can’t foresee. Fallout 4, you’ll notice, has swapped the rather extensive dialogue options of its predecessors for a diamond-shaped ‘quick’ prompt setup whereby you get to choose one of four suggestions that are indicative of what you might say, before making you unwittingly blurt out something else entirely. Conversations, in essence, become guesswork which is no good when trying to sweet talk your way around the multitude of Wasterlanders you’re bound to cross paths with.

The Full Dialogue Interface – made originally in Russian and translated to English – changes this by showing you exactly what you’ll say if you click x in response to y, meaning you’ll now have a far better sense of where to steer the conversation next.

What the mod loses in the transfer, however, is the handy one-word prompts which exist in the default system to delineate how dialogue gets delivered. Sarcasm is one such example Alice rightly identified as an issue here, and I agree with her suggestion that future versions of this mod will likely add the hints back to make chatting more cohesive.

Longer deathcam

In the end, though, the icy grip of death is inevitable.

No matter how much you plan, prepare, mod or, let’s face it, cheat, you’ll meet your maker out there in the unrelenting Wasteland before long. War Never Changes, they say.

So why not go out in style? Face your inexorable, inescapable, ineluctable doom with valour: hit the blood-stained irradiated asphalt in a blaze of slow motion glory. Instead of the standard three second delay between getting struck down and the requisite loading screen, Longer deathcam gives you up to three minutes to bask in the third-person theatrics your body is forced to endure as it drops to the floor, cold, motionless, succumbing to the deadened thralls of rigor mortis.

You’re not forced to sit through the entire three minutes, granted; hitting escape allows you to press on and the mod page also advises how to alter the duration manually. The extra time allows you to cheer on your companion however, who’ll inevitably take it upon themself to avenge your death, from the afterlife/comfort of your chair. Godspeed, fellow friend.

Fallout 4 Difficulty Mod

Looking for a Fallout rebalance mod that can make the nuclear apocalypse a challenge? Try this.

Create Your Own Survival Rebalance
By The Iron Rose

And so it’s off out into the wild.

But what’s that? All this preparation has made you a bit of Wasteland wonder kid, capable of striking fear into the hearts of every man, woman and beast alike – even The Boston Bastard, you say? I see.

The Create Your Own Survival Rebalance mod lets you up the ante to suit your own play style. Whereas the pre-set Survival difficulty setting makes you take double the normal damage and only deal half normal damage in return, this mod allows you to customise how much pain you inflict and how much you take back – to the tune of 17 varying options – so as to rid the Commonwealth of “bullet sponges” and other unlikely or unbelievable combat-oriented occurrences.

It’d make sense to wax lyrical here about how this kind of mod adds a layer of depth and believability to what would be extremely trying circumstances in reality – that if a Super Mutant race actually existed, you wouldn’t likely stand much of a chance engaging one head on; that you’d need to rely on brains, not brawn, should you wish to overcome the trials and tribulations survival in these harsh and unforgiving elements would demand of you. Really, though, this mod is for hard bastards. That’s the bottom line.

Honorable Mention

Macho Claws
By AronaxAE and FancyPants

Macho Claws transforms Macho Mandy Randy Savage into a Deathclaw.

Really Useful Fallout
By Trainwiz

Really Useful Fallout transforms Thomas the Tank Engine into an enemy or a weapon. This is truly terrifying.

T-800 V3.0
By anjoss

This one’s purely cosmetic. My words can’t do it justice, just look at the video above.

What excellent Fallout 4 mods have we missed? Let us know below.


  1. Siimon says:

    Personal must-have list:

    Lowered Weapons
    Lowered Sprint Drain
    Easy Lockpicking
    Easy Hacking
    FTO Stars 4k
    Carry Weight Mod
    Better Quarry Sights [sic]
    High Resolution Texture Pack Valius
    Faster Terminal Displays 20x
    Jesters Better Destroyed Vehicles
    Shaikujin’s Better Warning for Settlements
    no dotdotdot
    FTO PipBoy 4K
    FTO Power Armor 4K
    More Where That Came From Diamond City Radio Edition
    Easy to See Glowing Stuff
    Darker Nights
    Better Settlers
    Vivid Fallout Landscapes HD

    • rabbit says:

      huge +1 on lowered weapons. it just looks stupid otherwise imo

  2. Ouroboros says:

    Thank you for the recommendations. Here’s what I use:

    Craftable Armor Size – crafting tougher variations of amour

    Weapon Balance Overhaul – re-balances weapons

    Legendary Modification – allows creation of legendary weapons with variable restrictions.

    Full Dialogue Interface

    Adjusted Encounter Zones – scales the npc levels more significantly.

    Fallout 4 – Texture Optimization Project – apparently many of the textures are poorly optimised, the author is going through them tweaking them for performance without sacrificing looks.

    Improved Map with Visible Roads

    Shaikujin’s Better warning for settlements being attacked – a modal popup warning that you have to acknowledge rather than something that can be easily be missed.

    Better Settlers – settlers spawn with better equipment and are tougher, but with an option are no longer immortal, defending settlements counts.

    True Storms: Wasteland Edition

    Simple Intersection – allows slight overlap when placing objects.

    Lowered Weapons – Lowered Weapons 1.1 – lower your weapon when not actively aiming/shooting.

    Higher Settlement Budget

    Valdacil’s Item Sorting – tags items in the inventory and allows for better sorting.

    Snap’n Build

    Homemaker – Expanded Settlements – massively exapanding building options.

    Spring Cleaning – scrap more stuff.

    Robot Home Defence – Robot Home Defence

    Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR) – Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource v1.69 – api mod that allows supported crafting mods to work alongside each other.

    Crafting Workbenches

    More Where That Came From – Diamond City Radio Edition – MWTCF Main Mod 3.1

    Craftable Custom Combat Armor -STANDALONE- NOW WITH CONCEALED HELMETS Make custom combat armour

    Settlement Keywords (SK) – v0.8 – Settlement Keywords – Another api but for settlement building

    Field Scribe Backpack – Field Scribe Backpack 1 06 – A backpack.

    Armorsmith Extended – Armorsmith Extended v2.61 – make armour

    DEF_INV 3 – Improved inventory beta – a welcome overhaul of the inventory.

    • Ouroboros says:

      More Where That Came From – Diamond City Radio Edition – adds more thematically appropriate music at the cost of some of Travis’ introductions, but only the trivial non important ones, he’ll still announce the news.

  3. Gwilym says:

    Aside from the config tool, the only ones I consider must-haves are “Better Item Sorting” and “Better Armor and Weapon naming and sorting.”

    I use several others, many of which have been named here, but none of them give such huge and instant improvement to every single part of the game. I genuinely doubt I could play without them anymore.

    If Bethesda are going to keep nicking ideas from mods (and they’d be mad not to), this really should be one of them.

    “Spoiler free Loadingscreen” is also good.

  4. Fnord73 says:

    Did anyone take the Laibach – Red Rocket link in Fallout except me?

  5. rexx.sabotage says:

    Settlement building is indeed one of the defining features of Fallout 4 but, it is an idea cribbed from mods that were already doing it in FO3/NV.

    Let us not even allude to it being a new idea.

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

      You’re right, off course, but choosing to spend a lot of their resources and time into making it something so fleshed out ( aside from the crappy UI/management/mechanics ) and deeply rooted is still a thing.

      Looking back, those mods you mentioned mostly gave the idea and provided some wacky diversion, but that’s pretty much it.

      There’s another benefit in it’s central role and official support: more mods for it. Afterall, this feature is someone everyone has by default.

  6. oldmangamer says:

    Useful and supportive list; less swearing would increase your impact.

  7. Premium User Badge

    DelrueOfDetroit says:

    Pffffft! Realistic physics? I’ll use that when my soul is dead and I no longer receive an excessive amount of glee from making a raider do 3 cartwheels in the air from a point range rifle cartridge.

    Bullet time also seems kind of pointless. The changes to Jet are probably my favourite aspects of the game and removing the risk of addiction would take a lot of the fun out of playing a chem-head build.

  8. FreeTom says:

    There’s clearly fun to be had here, isn’t there? Must get and finish my vanilla play-through so I can allow myself to change it the next time.

  9. Jerykk says:

    DEF_INV: Mandatory UI overhaul. Not quite as substantial as SkyUI but pretty close and exponentially better than the default UI.

    Better Item Sorting: Needed for DEF_INV and makes sorting through your inventory way, way easier.

    Better Weapon Mod Descriptions: The default weapon descriptions are vague and useless. This mod gives you specific numbers for everything you’d want to know.

    Better Armor Mod Descriptions: Same as above except for armor.

    Arbitration: Various gameplay tweaks to make the game more challenging. Most importantly, it improves the combat AI.

    Longer Area Respawn: Lets you change the respawn times for cells. The default respawn times are ridiculously low, meaning you’ll have to fight the same enemies in the same locations over and over because of the crappy procedural quests. This mod lets you avoid that.

    Less Loot and Ammo: Lets you adjust how much loot you find in containers and drops. Also lets you adjust the production rates and costs for settlements. Essential if you want resources to actually matter and things like trading, scavenging, crafting, ammo, food, meds, bobby pins or caps to have any meaning whatsoever.

  10. GWOP says:

    The T-800 mod makes me almost as a happy as the news of Genisys sequels being canned.

  11. tehfish says:

    One i found pretty essential is configurable power drain.

    I lower the walking power drain a lot so you’re not forced to quicktravel everywhere in the powersuit due to mere walking eating up so much power…

  12. Stevostin says:

    Nearly all of those mods will degrade the game imo. A few one will but have the potential to improve it once they can get a better implementation. Bullet times & seasons seems to be really potent to that regard.

    I think it’s not worth bothering with “mods” as long as Bethesda doesn’t allow the script editing. Also an opportunity for ppl to always claim that Bethesda games that they “need the mods” to work to eat their hats: no they don’t. Still, 3% of them are typically real improvement or at least interesting alternative experience so I will enjoy them (preferably through Steam workshop if available).

  13. malkav11 says:

    Noncheaty mods I’ve found pretty nice:
    Faster Terminal Displays: by default terminals output practically a character at a time and it is agonizingly slow for people who can read at all quickly. This mod lets you tweak that. I have them display all text instantly, and the game instantly becomes so much friendlier.
    Fallout 4 Texture Optimization Project: supposedly it reduces system impact from textures with little to no visual impact. I can’t say for sure if this is true, but I can say that I haven’t upgraded in a couple years and Fallout 4 is running smooth as butter for me and looking gorgeous (unless I get really close to certain things, but I think that’s just Bethesda).
    Full Dialogue Interface and True Storms, from above.

    Cheaty mods that eliminate things I just do not bloody well want to deal with:
    Easier Lockpicking and Easier Hacking. They say “easier”, but really what they mean is “you don’t have to do a stupid minigame to accomplish something your character has invested in being able to do”. Though Easier Hacking actually has an option to turn off perk requirements and make it all about your skill at the minigame, if you actually like that kind of thing (instead the perks give you more attempts).
    Carry Weight Modifications: multiple options here, but I went with “basically infinite carry weight so I never, ever have to mess around with inventory management because this is a game about being a pack rat and making me run back and store or sell crap every five seconds improves precisely nothing”. You can actually lower the available carry weight if you’re so inclined, though.

    I’ve been avoiding settlement mods and other similarly ambitious sorts of things because I just don’t see the degree of change I want to see there (better UI, for one) happening before official mod support is in and the Script Extender is more advanced.

  14. BirdsUseStars says:

    in order of importance:

    1. More songs on the radio mod
    2. Mod to extend the radio (more songs)
    3. Extended radio playlist with more variety

  15. widardd says:

    Wake me up as soon as we get a total conversion to RPG. :P

  16. OmNomNom says:

    Most of my mods aim to make things far more challenging in regards to survival and helps to stop the game getting super easy as your progress. This is in addition to many texture improvement mods of course. Mods to make the game harder include:

    Arbitration – stealth nerf, detection range nerf, combat AI, damage done to player increase (but also damage done by player increased a little to lessen bullet soak enemies)
    link to

    Less Loot and Ammo – This has replace Fallout 4 Loot Overhaul in my mod lineup. (pate from Nexus)
    Stimpaks, purified water and bloodpacks reduced by 90%. Chems reduced by 95%.
    All other loot (Junk, Clothes, Food, Ammo, Guns, Bobby Pins etc) reduced by 70%.
    “Unique” junk (like duct tape) reduced by 85% (not 70% as other junk).
    Fusion Cores reduced by 85%.
    In the corpses of enemies:
    Ammo reduced by 60%.
    Ammo that come in your inventory directly from the weapon magazine when you pick up it of a fallen enemy are removed at all.
    Enemy using GatlingLaser drops fusion cores with lower charge than in vanilla.
    Turrets, robots and ghouls also have reduced chances to drop any junk.
    Destroyed Sentybot contains only 1 fusion core
    Chance to get stimpack from corpses of raiders, gunners, triggermans, BoS reduced from 15% to 5%. Can be adjusted with “Less Meds and Chems” options.
    Ammo in ammoboxes (not in containers) reduced by 60%. Can be adjusted with “Less Ammo” options.
    The value of bobby pin increased 5 times. Bobby pins in Bobbypins Boxes (not in containers) reduced by 60%.
    Mod reduces the income from Scrounger perk by 70%. Can be adjusted with “Less Ammo” options.
    Mod reduces the income from FortuneFinder perk by 70%. Can be adjusted with “Less Stuff” options.
    Caps reduced everywhere, not only in containers (I didnt touch medium and large rewards, for example for the job or quest)
    link to

    Adjusted encounter zones (less easy zone level matching) link to

    More spawns (less empty wasteland, more challenge)
    link to

    200% Configurable power armor fusion core drain (200% faster, I’ve asked for a 400% version of this too)
    link to

    All in all this makes the game far more exciting. Every battle isn’t just a case of holding down fire until everything is dead.