What Are We All Playing This Weekend?

Monday is a holiday for us so we’ll be a bit quieter than usual until Tuesday.

But, more importantly… they said it couldn’t be done. They said it’d never happen. They said I was only fooling myself. Hmph! Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: all six RPS staffers reporting what we’re playing this weekend!

Adam: Hitman. Probably nothing BUT Hitman given how much I’m enjoying my time in Sapienza. I’ve also got Jalopy ready to roll and might even start Mass Effect. That’s Mass Effect 1. I have never played these sexy space games and I probably should do that at some point.
Alec: Hitman chapter 2 for me, I think. I already liked the first chapter, in Paris, more than Adam did, so I’m very excited about how excited he is. Either that means I’m going to be in absolute raptures about the Italy-set new stage, or I’m going to hate it because we are doomed to be forever opposite when it comes to slapheaded killing machines.

I also have Dark Souls III installed on my hard drive, which I keep staring at with deep suspicion before bottling it.

Alice: Mate, nothing. My plans for the weekend are to attend the Beltane Fire Festival and see the May Queen and the Green Man and the acrobats and the drums and the fire, all of the fire. Beyond that, I don’t know or care and shall endeavour to spend all other time in a regenerative coma. Bring me fire, bring me oblivion, or otherwise get out of my weekend.
Graham: My now three-person strong family has decamped to stay with some relatives for a while, which means I have very limited access to games except those I can play over a remote connection to my PC back home. I might try some Concrete Jungle.
John: This weekend I shall actually be playing games! Oh my goodness, I haven’t looked forward to a weekend like this for years. My wife and son are going away for three days, and I’m going to be a bachelor again! Three days of sitting around in my pants, playing games. I’ve yet to choose which ones – I’ve a whole pile of stuff that’s released recently I want to poke at, and I’ve got this Ori Definitive review to finish, and I’ve been replaying Bastion, and goodness knows what else. Oh me oh my, what a weekend it’s going to be!
Philippa: This weekend I will be preparing for the League of Legends Mid-season Invitational by, uh, playing ARAM. All Random All Mid seems to be where I’m excelling at the moment and so I can combine brushing up on my hero knowledge with killing fools and earning commendations for being cheery at my teammates. When not doing that I’ll be settling in for some extended undersea pottering in Subnautica. It’s so pretty!

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?


  1. dawnmane says:

    I just found out that adjusting a few settings in the Nvidia Control Panel makes Total War:Attila run at a manageable framerate on my laptop, so I will raid the shores of Britain all weekend. Also Dark Souls III.

    • Fnord73 says:

      Atilla is good.

      (I know its not kosher, but Im also still trying to get around the Cleric beast in Bloodbourne)

  2. Spacewalk says:

    I’ll be spending some time setting up the Raspberry Pi tomorrow so I might put Quake 3 or some junk on it or something.

    • Capt. Bumchum McMerryweather says:

      Try installing retro pie. You won’t be disappointed.

      • Spacewalk says:

        I was planning to for my cousin’s kids whenever they pop around.

  3. Sandepande says:

    Battlestation: Harbinger because it works on my phone.

  4. Minglefingler says:

    Dark Souls 3 again although my time is limited this weekend. I’m surprised that I’ve stuck with the game this far as I have form for quitting Souls games. Dragonslayer is next on the list although I have 2 optional bosses that I can tackle at any point.

  5. dethtoll says:

    In observance of the 30th anniversary of Chernobyl I’m going through the STALKER trilogy. Should be done with it in time for Doom 2016!

  6. markside says:

    Seeking embers, and Monster Hunter 4 with fam.

  7. lowprices says:

    I have so many games I want to play and replay that it’s getting tough to focus on one long enough. At the moment I’m playing Clash Royale and Fallen London on the phone, and Legend of Grimrock 2 on the PC. Even in the early hours I can tell it’s a massive improvement on the original which I enjoyed despite, or maybe because of, never having playing Dungeon Master and the like.

  8. Mud says:

    Naval Action because I like ships.

  9. caff says:

    Like John, I shall be festering in my pants today.

    I shall be trying Jalopy. And I might buy Hitman (again) and turn the graphics settings down a bit so it’s actually playable.

    And Rocket League because.

  10. Chorltonwheelie says:

    In the absence of British springtime I’ll be going to the Rapture along with everyone else.

  11. Gypsy_Acid_Queen says:

    Alice! I will also be at Calton Hill this evening partaking of some of that gentle oblivion. Roll out the licking flames!

  12. Unsheep says:

    Some racing as usual, with Project Cars and Ride.

    I might plug in my PS3 again and play some Gran Turismo 6 and Formula One Championship Edition. I find it funny that my favourite F1 game of all time is a PlayStation exclusive made almost 10 years ago. However it has a fantastic level of atmosphere and immersion that Codemasters simply can’t beat.

    I’ll also be playing some ‘X-Beyond the Frontier’ in the evenings, I’m replaying the entire X-series. The rags-to-riches path in these games is extremely satisfying. I’ll be playing as a trader as usual.

    • Capt. Bumchum McMerryweather says:

      If you like F1 you should try assetto corsa’ open wheel stuff. Ridiculously exhilarating and nicely challenging!

      • Unsheep says:

        I definitely agree. If you like the physics and racing in Assetto Corsa I highly recommend ‘Game Stock Car Extreme’ by Reiza Studios, they have a demo version on the game’s website (link to game-stockcar.com.br). RaceRoomExperience and the old ‘Race 07’ series are also great. You might know of them already though.

    • Kaeoschassis says:

      How does anybody find the time to replay the ENTIRE X series, given how long any individual game can take? I say this as a long-time but somewhat casual fan.

      • Unsheep says:

        Oh I’m quite used to playing games for the long haul, my main staple being racing sims and other types of simulation games. For example I’ve been playing the Race 07 games for almost 10 years now. Games like the X-series, where I can take my time, really suit my lifestyle.

        I’ve played the X-series before so the learning curve is quite small, I also play at least a handful of games at the same time, so I rarely get bored of any single game.

        I don’t think it’s that strange to play through these games, just look at how many years people put into playing games like Minecraft, Dark Souls, Starcraft, WoW, Dota, Pokemon, Skyrim, Counter-Strike, League of Legends and so on.

        • Kaeoschassis says:

          All fair points. Different folks and all that. I honestly don’t know why I needed to ask, but thanks for taking the time to answer anyway.

    • floogles says:

      X btf was a memorable experience for me. By far my favourite space sim soundtrack, the atmosphere and sense of epic discovery in this game blew me away.

  13. magogjack says:

    Mechwarrior online, Final Fantasy 14, and maybe start a new game of Endless Legend……

  14. Themadcow says:

    *brofist to John*

    Two weeks until my better half takes my kids away for the weekend. I’ve chosen my gaming pants in advance and started saving up the takeaway leaflets coming through the door.

    This weekend however the wife and kids are present so it’s probably an hour or two playing my heavy stealth build in Fallout 4 which I know isn’t a great have but somehow it’s ideal for a couple of hours shooting mutants in the face.

  15. GWOP says:

    We better be getting some words on ME1 from Adam when he’s done with it!

    Installed the first Dark Souls recently to see what all the hubbub was about. Loving the weighty combat, the enemy designs, the wonderful architecture, the tense atmosphere… but most of all, the map. You look at all the various paths and despair, only to slowly explore and find all of them looping around to each other and connecting the entire place. The unity of the environment reminds me of the first Die Hard, while the sprawling blandness of other RPGs now feel like the globe trotting A Good Day to Die Hard.

  16. manio22 says:

    I will craft my time in Planetside 2.

  17. kulik says:

    I’m playing Airships: Conquer the Skies, interestingly my dream steam punk airship combat game that completely went under my radar.
    …no pun intended.

  18. NetharSpinos says:

    Arrival of my new pc means I have been enjoying the splendours of fanboy space battles with Battlefleet Gothic: Armada. Also finally cracking on with Dragon Age Inquisition, which I only had to wait 2 years to play.


  19. jimjim19681968 says:

    Fallout 4 (survival), Nuclear Throne

  20. Darth Gangrel says:

    I’m gonna pick up my new stationary computer tomorrow morning to replace my almost five-year-old laptop that’s now failed me for the last time (insert Force Choke sound effect). The new PC can run The Witcher 3 at recommended settings, so with my backlog, I’m definitely gonna hold onto it more than 5 years.

    Don’t feel like starting up something new before I get the new PC up and running, so perhaps I’ll keep on playing Borderlands 1 that I’ve recently started. I’m playing as Brick (named him Brick McHardass) and just got the Berserk skill. I like games where you can hit people hard, the shooting is good in Borderlands, but shooting is something I can do in almost any game I have.

  21. Herzog says:

    Portal Stories: Mel – finished the lengthy prologue so far. Let’s see when the puzzling will start. But looking good so far for a fan-made project.

    Pinball FX2 – Alien tables have been released this week. Will try to get a feel for the Aliens table.

    Spelunky – always Spelunky. Killed the Alien Queen yesterday for the first time and instantly died after picking up the alien blaster.

  22. Aitrus says:

    Some Rocket League, here, and also Rise of the Tomb Raider. Fun game, but I am very sad that I’ve had to keep lowering my graphics settings throughout for a good fps. I could handle near ultra settings at the beginning but as I enter larger and more taxing areas, now halfway through the game (I think), I’ve had to continually knock down all sorts of options. Pretty sure it looks worse than Tomb Raider 2013 now.

    Ah well. Maybe I’ve just gotten spoiled on what a “good fps” is.

  23. bill says:

    I’m half way up a giant plant in Grow Home, which is turning out to be just as awesome as everyone said.

    I’d assumed people had said it was awesome because it was cute, but it’s actually awesome because it’s about flinging yourself from massive heights and attempting to grab hold of another cliff face before you plummet to your doom, just managing to grab the cliff face with one hand as you pass by, then climbing hand over hand up the cliff face until you accidentally grab a loose rock and plummet downwards, unless you can grab something on the way.

    It’s like Mirror’s Edge if it had a totally freeform physics engine and a climbing game built in.

    It’s also very cute.

  24. dangermouse76 says:

    Fallout 4. Just using using perks and SPECIAL, what’s the highest anyone’s got one of their favourite weapons ?

    I’m level 65….. and I have my night vision Gauss Rifle at 441 with all the vats perks like banked criticals AND Gun-Fu it’s a monster. And that’s on very hard ( survival update downgraded the difficulty).

  25. GameCat says:

    Rocket League (gotta git gud…) and Dark Souls. Maybe some Jet Set Radio too.

  26. Jekadu says:


  27. dangermouse76 says:

    Beltane rocks BTW. Had many a year a top Carlton Hill in all sorts of states watching events unfold with the May Queen.

  28. Vandelay says:

    I expect to be finishing off Dark Souls 3. Just defeated that guy at that place, been made a thingy and now been sent over somewhere else. Loving it as I have the original and Bloodborne.

    Also picked up Life is Strange from the Playstation store (just ~£7 for those on PS Plus.) Not tried it yet, but looking forward to it after all the hype for it last year.

    And I imagine I will find time to squeeze in some Dota with friends. We had great games last night and I have no doubt we will be wanting more. Some of the new items, particularly Echo Sabre, are great.

  29. SpiceTheCat says:

    Trying very hard not to play Invisible Inc. I installed the Steam client on a new laptop yesterday and noticed that I have 445 hours logged. I should really go and do something else. I blame Matt Lees and his campaign on Cool Ghosts for restarting this particular compulsion.

  30. Ross Angus says:

    Started playing Skyrim for the first time, inspired by the five-year anniversary. Random anecdote:

    “Well, the good news is that your mine is now completely free of spiders. The bad news is that it’s also completely exhausted of ore. Gold, please!”

  31. ItAintNecessarilySo says:

    Finally registered on the site. Just to say: Hitman! Sapienza.
    It has given me the warm Blood Money like feeling I’ve been missing for years (silly me thought I was just getting too old for the genre).
    Seriously, an entire village, full with stuff, kills, references and easter eggs, and this is just one of the episodes! Awesome!

    • Unsheep says:

      Yes, the size of the maps has really impressed me, you notice it especially with Sapienza. This new game is very much a modern version of the classic Hitman games, where you had large dynamic areas to explore.

  32. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    I eked out just over 240s in Devil Daggers last night and felt a jump in my ability to out-strafe the swarms, so there will be more of that this weekend, for sure. I’m extra happy about it because the recorded run included me staring distractedly at some gibs for a bit while waiting for the next spawner.

    Otherwise, it’s some mix of Trackmania Turbo, Elder Scrolls Online, actually going outside, and Ori and the Definitely Blind Forest. I haven’t played that last one in any form yet, but I’m pretty psyched to.

    • AutonomyLost says:

      Ori is an excellent game, and downright beautiful. You’ll dig it. Have fun!

      • Premium User Badge

        particlese says:

        Oh, man, am I digging this! I’m tempted to add details, but I know I’ll get carried away, so I’ll just say instead that it’s living up to all the hype.

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      Edit: In case it wasn’t obvious, “Definitely” should have been “Definitively” because I like making dumb contractions of game names/editions but was typing on a cellular telephone and proofread too quickly.

  33. rahji says:

    I want to finish the Back to the Future game. So far I am probably at the end of episode 4. I like the references to the movie, but everything considered it is a pretty mediocre adventure. And if I have time left I will play Castlevania – Lords of Shadow. Been a castlevania fanboy since Super Castlevania IV.

  34. ziffel says:

    Mad Max! One of 2015’s underrated gems.

    • Unsheep says:

      Hey that was my ‘Game of the Year’ for 2015 ! It’s the best combat racing game I’ve ever played, and I’ve played most of them since Interstate’76.

  35. Rue says:

    tbh, I’m in thrall to Factorio. If I tear myself away it’s to play Diablo 3 (seasonal). Once Spring actually slopes up in arctic Wales, I shall return to being the rugged outdoorsperson that I really am. Honest.

  36. Morte66 says:

    I would seem to be playing Guild Wars 2 again, with the Heart of Thorns expansion, after not touching it for a year.

  37. GornValim says:

    I have a huge backlog, like everyone, but instead of dealing with it I’m replaying old games I love. Like No One Lives Forever, and Myth – The Fallen Lords. Both have aged extremely well, actually, and it’s a shame neither of them is available digitally. I love the humour and the lightness of the former, and the way limbs fly everywhere in the latter ! :)
    Besides these, I’ve just installed Batman Arkham Asylum and I’m enjoying it so far. And I’ll probably go on exploring The Secret World.

  38. Lintire says:

    Getting around to getting through Shovel Knight to try out the Plague of Shadows campaign.

    At least that’s PC stuff. Mostly I’ve been playing Ni Oh and Bloodborne, both of which are bloody fun. Bloodbornes just endgame Chalice Dungeon grinding which isn’t great, so it’s mostly been Ni Oh. New builds, stuff like that, just racing through that demo in as many ways as possible.

    Lot of fun. Spear is incredible to use. Wish that “endgame” armour was more viable to play it fashion-wise instead of sticking to Skill or Strength based sets, but whatever.

  39. Premium User Badge

    Iamblichos says:

    I got Offworld Trading Company last night, and am having a great deal of fun with it. Since Stellaris is only released to reviewers (so jelly!), I will be filling any non OWTC time with the Gear VR Minecraft, assuming I can get my bluetooth controller working with my phone.

  40. fish99 says:

    This week I have been mostly swearing at .. Dark Souls 3.

    Actually I got mad at the game and deleted my save, since my chosen build (2-hand dex) seemed weak versus previous Souls games, then started again and .. did the same build. I am mixing in a Scimitar this time instead of just relying on the Black Blade. The katanas are too slow for some bosses.

    I’m up to Lothric now but have 3 side bosses still to kill.

    • fish99 says:

      I have to say, this game sets a new record for shittiest designed bosses ever. It’s probably a good thing the series is finished.

  41. A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

    This weekend playing the painting, decorating and swearing at simple DIY electrics game.

    And when time allows doing the research to see if my hair brained scheme to 100% Dark Souls is doable in this lifetime. Any excuse for a third run through it basically

    • Thulsa Hex says:

      I’ve just started a 100% run from scratch, and made an exhaustive list of everything needed. If by “third run,” you mean NG++, then all you should need is Sif’s soul and whatever errata you haven’t picked up from random drops or vendors. Thankfully the covenant rank requirements (for unique weapons/miracles) are relatively low! That’s what I was worried about the most.

      This “cheat sheet” is excellent: link to smcnabb.github.io , especially the Checklist section (though it seems to accidentally omit the cursed version of Artorias’ greatsword).

      • A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

        Ooh, thanks that might come in handy. Yeah, I’m just at the end of NG+ and realised I had all the materials to do almost all the weapon enhancement cheevos, so….not too hard to get the rest, right!? Main problem is I haven’t done much with convenants so need to do the NG++ to play half of those (having killed their deities, oops!), plus the 3rd Sif soul. And I’ve now munched all my titanite to make the top tier weapons, have none left for the boss weapon upgrades. A long and grinding road awaits, can’t wait!

        Fair play to you starting from scratch. Best of luck my friend, one day we can call each other true Dark Souls \o/

  42. Horg says:

    XCOM2 with a new approach to Legendary Ironman; rushing psionics. It means being stuck on ballistics for about an extra month, and burning money in the black market to get the research started on time, but if I get some good psi-powers up early on it might just be the best opening. We shall see.

  43. DaceX says:

    Quite a lot of stuff, actually.
    Finally got to the World map in Final Fantasy 9 after a solid 4 hours. Got a tutorial on how pretty much everything works,even the most basic controls, AFTER the first boss. Strange. But I guess now it starts proper.
    Watching some streams got me into the mood of playing FTL again. I´m still not very good, but its gettin there.
    Last but not least I´ll revisit the glory days of the GBA, playing the first Fire Emblem released in the west. And, same as Final Fantasy, will record my valiant efforts to keep everyone alive. I´ll see how it goes.

  44. Premium User Badge

    Big Dunc says:

    In between household chores, I’ll mostly be playing Witcher 3. I came to the party late, but am absolutely loving it and looking forward to the Blood and Wine DLC.

    • Thulsa Hex says:

      It’s such a fantastic game and you’ve just reminded me that I haven’t played Hearts of Stone yet, and had almost forgotten about Blood and Wine. The prospect of going back for more is very exciting to me :)

    • Imbecile says:

      I’m playing the excellent Rocket league as usual, finishing off life is strange (which is pretty good though kinda downbeat), before tackling the Witcher dlc. I’ve heard its quite lighthearted, which will be nice. Probably the Witcher 3 and Rocket League are two recent games that have snuck into my all time top 10.

  45. Thulsa Hex says:

    I won’t be picking up Dark Souls III for a couple of months, but the buzz around it’s release has drawn me back to the other games. I finished DS2: SotFS last weekend, having left it at Huntsman’s Copse exactly a year before, and had a decent time with it. It’s really quite long (especially with the DLC) so I thought that’d be it for now, but this week I’ve found myself back in Lordran (i.e. re-playing DS1). It looks like I’m going to be here for the long-haul, as I’ve decided to go for “the Dark Soul” achievement and that requires getting a good ways through New Game++. I’m usually not an achievement hunter, but I’ve coveted this one for a while.

    I’m also using this NG play-through to finally try being a good ol’ Darkwraith and experiment with PvP. I previously finished DS1 in 2012 on an Xbox 360 without LIVE, so I’d never had online functionality in the game before. It’s initially kind of weird if you’re used to the serenity of SP-only.

    This almost goes without saying, but props to the modding community for going above and beyond to make DS1 on PC as good an experience as possible. The DS2 port is excellent, so going straight to a crappy DS1 rendition was quite jarring. Thankfully, Durante’s 1080p60 fix is amazing, and the online connectivity mods do so much to keep it alive. Makes me happy to be a PC gamer again (bum ports, aside).

    • eclipse mattaru says:

      I’m in a similar situation: My PC’s inability to properly Dark Souls III had me revisiting the first two (not that I’ve been playing much else in the last couple years, but now I’m playing them EVEN MORE). Man, the first one is an awesome thing. I’m currently running two different builds to try stuff out and I might be making a third one.

      Anyway, keep in mind that the online of DS1 is still a bit of a shambles link to pcinvasion.com –at least Namco says they’re on it.

      People seem to be having more or less luck with this mod: link to steamcommunity.com

      • Thulsa Hex says:

        Yeah, DS1 is just special. Having not played it in four years, I almost forgot how grimy and claustrophobic it is — especially after coming directly from DS2. I’m also a little surprised how easy I’m finding the bosses and bigger foes this time around. When I’ve died, it’s from hubris when taking on multiple mobs at once.

        Regarding online play, I’ve been having a good amount of success with that DSCM mod. Getting a full 20 nodes after 10 mins of play, if I manually enter an ID or two when I begin a session. People are good at keeping the thread on Steam up to date. I got invaded once, and successfully invaded others twice — all fairly early by Undead Parish. Seen a few summon signs, also, but not had luck getting summoned. I wish it were as seamless as it is in DS2, but it basically works.

  46. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    Still working my way through Dark Souls 3. I have arrived at Ithryll and it seems like I accidentally stumbled into a Devil May Cry game. How come I can’t swing my sword around like a ballerina on methamphetamines.

    • AutonomyLost says:

      Mmhmm, I agree. Those grunt Dancers can hit quite hard, and can get out-of-hand quickly. Also, that entire area is stunning.

  47. derbefrier says:

    It’s national tabletop day today so I will be playing some board games! I bought Star Wars Imperial Assault which I am pretty excited to try out and proably some group favorites like sparticus or sentinels of the multiverse time permitting.

  48. Bobtree says:

    I have the final Dark Souls 3 boss to finish, followed by reading all the spoilers and forum highlights.

    Offworld Trading Company is extremely compelling.

  49. malkav11 says:

    So, as you may have read on this fine site, Hex: Shards of Fate got a new cardset this week, and this weekend is the release celebration with a few extra goodies for playing in limited format tournaments while it’s on. So I’ll be doing at least a few drafts of that. May yet play some other modes of it also, depending.

    Other than that I really have no idea. There are hundreds of things clamoring for my attention as usual, but I can’t think what I might specifically want to do.

    • Lars Westergren says:

      Did you finish PoE?

      • DelrueOfDetroit says:

        I dunno, the part with the raven was pretty cool but once you get past the bit where you have to find that still beating heart it really feels like you are just going through the motions for the last 15 hours.

        • Lars Westergren says:

          Sorry, the “other” PoE. :)

          I wanted to like PoE since everyone spoke so highly of it, but action RPGs don’t click with me anymore for some reason.

          • Imbecile says:

            I love action RPGs, and most of Obsidians stuff, but it just didnt click for me. Juggling the combat and all the characters, and learning all the systems felt more like hard work than fun – but I have no idea why. Normally I really like that stuff.

          • Aitrus says:

            Didn’t you just say you were on your second playthrough, Mr. Lars?

          • Lars Westergren says:


            No no, that was the “other” PoE. (Pillars of Eternity). :) Path of Exile was the one I tried but bounced off.

          • Aitrus says:

            Ah, I thought Delrue was making a joke about Edgar Allen Poe… I vote we stop using so many acronyms and just say the darn game titles.

          • Lars Westergren says:

            Now that you mention it, he probably did. I thought he was talking about something in Path of Exile and now I feel like an idiot.

          • DelrueOfDetroit says:


      • malkav11 says:

        Haven’t touched it in a couple of weeks. I think I’ve just about finished the main game content including everything in the Endless Paths short of the Adra Dragon but maybe minus a couple of bounties, I’ve beaten everything in White March part 1 except the dragon and Concelhaut, and I haven’t started White March part 2. I’m not feeling super motivated because I’m having trouble envisioning how I would beat the dragons or Concelhaut (or the supposedly even harder mage fight in White March 2) and while I know I don’t actually have to to win, it would really bug me to skip them.

        • Lars Westergren says:

          Curse of the completionist.

          • malkav11 says:

            Pretty much. I feel no shame about skipping repetitive pointless nonsense like the pigeons in GTA IV or flags in Assassin’s Creed 1, etc, but major, achievement-unlocking fights that are just too damn hard are a different story.

  50. AutonomyLost says:

    Dark Souls III. I’ve just made it to the last large hub area in the game, and have a single Lord and a few minor bosses to dispatch. I’ll be putting in a good deal of time this weekend and can hopefully finish it during evening hours next week. It has been quite a ride.