Morphies Law: An FPS Where You Shoot To Grow In Size

Of all the games I’ve seen during this year’s E3, Morphies Law [Twitter page] is the most immediately exciting – and it’s not a game that’s actually at E3. It’s a “body morphology” first-person shooter, where the mass from enemies’ limbs is transferred to your equivalent limb when you shoot them. This leads to giants doing battle with other players the size of their foot, or people with giant heads doing battle against people with giant feet. The trailer below explains it better.

So if I shoot you in the left arm, your left arm gets smaller while my left arm gets bigger. This means, as the trailer explains, that good players get larger while bad players get smaller. It also ideally means that the game is self-balancing, as larger players are easier to hit and smaller players harder.

Also every player is a Day of the Dead-inspired robot, because why not.

I’m excited by the potential in this for interesting level design, too. I always enjoyed the old Rats and Turkeyburgers maps which cast players as tiny scrappers in a world much larger than them, and I like playing Titanfall for the way its levels operate at two different scales. It looks like Morphies Law will do something similar, with you able to transfer mass between players voluntarily using friendly fire in order to reach unusual places.

Right now there’s not much other information about the game, other than that it’s coming to Steam Greenlight soon (maybe). I hope it does.


  1. magogjack says:

    Between this and Death Stranding its turning into a very weird E3…

    • XxBrentos9xX says:

      Yeah, that trailer was weird. But it also stays with you. And for some reason I’m excited for whatever the hell it is.

      Morphies Law sounds like a very interesting take on the shooter genre. Hopefully they make it work. Damn June is exciting

  2. Eightball says:

    I think this will be better in concept (or @PeterMolydeux tweet) than in execution. Mostly because it is incredibly difficult for an indie multiplayer FPS to get big enough to have any dedicated playerbase to make it worth other people buying it and playing it.

  3. jon_hill987 says:

    I seem to remember a UT2k4 mod/mutator where your head size was proportional to your killing spree.

    • Premium User Badge

      Oakreef says:

      Yep big head mode. It was in the original UT as well and wouldn’t surprise me if the basic idea goes back further than that in some way too.

    • Josh W says:

      Also reminds me of timesplitters, (thanks to the recent articles bringing up the HD version).

  4. wwarnick says:

    Finally a game that will be fun for good and bad players.

    • Slazia says:

      I know it’s just a first impression, but I can’t see this being much fun outside of a quick ten-minute match with friends. I guess it depends what they plan to do with it.

  5. Xipheas says:

    What happens if you go on a killing spree once inside a building?

    • KevinLew says:

      I’m going to assume that it’s no different than playing Battlefield and having a building collapse on top of you during multiplayer. As soon as you can’t fit inside a room, it assumes that you got crushed–the kill feed will log it as a suicide and you respawn at your base.

  6. iainl says:

    I get the idea – the better you are, the bigger target you become. But I’m very glad I’m not the one who has to design levels that don’t break under such different sizes of players.

  7. Life Glug says:

    This is a very funny concept and I like the Day Of The Dead stylings, reminds me of Grim Fandango

  8. Koozer says:

    I’m very glad this game exists but…if I understand the trailer correctly, noone ever actually dies, they just shrink in size, so isn’t it going to devolve into 12 people standing in a circle pelting each other?

    • golochuk says:

      Someone dies in the trailer, and robovoice mentions kill:death ratios.

      Why would you assume that they would implement their idea in a transparently boring way, anyway?

  9. BlueTemplar says:

    I hope that they will do a sequel where the size won’t be just a graphical effect, but involve things like toughness, mass, force… (though, in this version already, will you be able to get stuck in a building if you get too big?)

    • Phasma Felis says:

      Did you see the end of the trailer? One player develops feet the size of motorcycles, then kicks one of his teammates halfway to the horizon (killing him on impact).

      It looks like larger legs let you jump higher, as well.

  10. Player1 says:

    Once again a testament of the creativity among Swiss game developers : ) Hope it turns out well.