Starcraft HD Kind Of, Sort Of, Maybe in the Works

Blizzard could very well announce an HD remaster of StarCraft next month, if reports from iNews24, a reputable Korean news source, are correct. iNews24 says multiple sources with access to Blizzard’s inside plans suggest that the company will reveal a StarCraft HD remake some time in September.

As Kotaku pointed out, the StarCraft II World Championship Series holds its finals from September 10 to 11 in Mexico, making it an ideal time for a new StarCraft announcement. iNews24 expects Blizzard would then follow up with additional information at BlizzCon in November.

The Korean report also suggests that the remake will maintain the original gameplay while giving the graphics and user interface a boost. That’s about all we have to go on at the moment, and it’s worth remembering that this is pure speculation for now, unless Blizzard releases a statement.

StarCraft was originally released in 1998. Although it’s showing its age as far as graphics are concerned, the game still draws quite an audience. It makes its home in the top ten Korean net cafe rankings, currently sitting pretty at number seven. It keeps good company with newer games like Overwatch and League of Legends (numbers one and two respectively).


  1. SMGreer says:

    As long as it keeps the 2D graphics and style, I’d be into it. Really not keen on the chunky, cartoonish looks of recent Blizzard games.

    • HeavyStorm says:

      For some weird reason, I’d be OK with it being 3D. If it maintains its 2D looks, then I hope for a higher point of view (original was too close, better for tactical but real bad for strategic play), and better animations.

      As long as they keep the sound effects and specially the voice over, confirmed buy.

  2. Jeroen D Stout says:

    I did play Starcraft after playing two of the newer ones and I was really pleasantly surprised at it. It felt far more old-style science fiction, a bit ironic but also a bit mature. The Zerg is far more odd and disgusting, the Terrans are really just rednecks-in-space, the Protoss are terrifyingly strong and old.

    Nobody’s cuddling up to anybody for kissy-kissy or doing cutey-wutey zergey units. Terran’s buildings are rusty and manky, not shiny and plastic. There’s betrayal, corruption, decimation and you are just one being at a time trying to not mess up.

    It really was a pleasant surprise and one of those games that remind you of the modest genius that was around in that era of games.

    • Wormerine says:

      Storywise the original Starcraft is way better than its sequel. And considering how much of a following the original had, and that from what i hear pro scene believed SC1 to be better I am interested to see if rereleasing SC1 will mean for SC multiplayer scene (if anything).

      Still mission design isn’t as interesting as inSC2. While the story, characters and overall believability of SC2 campaign wasn’t very impressive I found it much more entertaining. Also I wonder what improvements to UI might include. Removing 12 unit selection limit? Wouldn’t that mess with the balance?

    • Don Reba says:

      I replayed Brood War after passing Wings of Liberty, and just couldn’t bring myself to continue with SCII after that. It is such a big step down from the original.

      • HeavyStorm says:

        Nuff said. When Wings of Liberty was out, I got crazy. I had a physical version imported (I’m from Brazil), and went to work red eyed for a few days.

        Then I realized that blizzard had fucked up.

        The most disappointed I had got since black and white, to this day.

  3. Killy_V says:

    We already have a reskin, it’s called Starcraft II.

    That’s why I could never start SC2, reminds me too much of SC1, without the freshness.

    • nimbulan says:

      When SC2 was released, I was amazed at how little progress they’d made in 12 years. It was pretty much an identical game with new 3D graphics and a more confusing, convoluted story. They didn’t learn from any of the improvements other RTS games had made in that time period and the general clunkiness of it all just completely turned me off of playing it.

      But that makes it really easy for them to release a remake of the original – it can just be an expansion for SC2 with the campaign redone in 3D and a multiplayer game mode restricting people to only using the original units.

      • Asurmen says:

        The engine had improved considerably to the point where they could do stuff in SC2 that they couldn’t even dream of in SC1. How is that not progress? SC1 had two types of missions: destroy enemy or get a unit to a particular location.

        What exactly are you defining as progress here?

    • mitthrawnuruodo says:

      Came here to say the exact same thing.

      Blizzard are ridiculously afraid of innovating. Apparently the reasoning is that their multiplayer community is incapable of learning new tricks.

  4. Frank says:

    I hope they allow for zooming out in single-player. (I understand they may have to keep it claustrophobic for “standardized, equally-awful playing field” reasons in MP.)

    • PseudoKnight says:

      This is almost like having your cake and eating it too. The zoom level in SC gives it a lot of character, which would be somewhat lost if you zoomed out to get a better idea of what was going on (even though this is what the minimap is for). I don’t think they should zoom out more than just adding widescreen support and maybe a slightly smaller UI, which will already add a good deal of viewport space. One exception could be the spectator tools, which could use a lot of love, and one of those features could be a zoom-out and/or UI-less view.

      • HeavyStorm says:

        I think the main reason for the zoom level is to give it a more tactical feeling in detriment of strategic play. But nowadays it bothers me a little.

  5. Premium User Badge

    buenaventura says:

    I’ve watched (professional korean) starcraft and later starcraft II for many years now, and starcraft 1 is much more exciting and impressive to watch, I think. There is a tournament running in South Korea right now, the ASL, check it out. The commentators explain alot about how it works, and all the quirks etc. Its great fun!
    link to

    • PseudoKnight says:

      Been watching this myself. It’s been great. It’s also fascinating how much the meta keeps changing. That said, I’ve been really enjoying Legacy of the Void matches as well. I lost a lot of interest during Heart of the Swarm, but LotV has made some really entertaining dynamics. I think it’s the best SC2 has ever been, and I have room for both Brood War and SC2 — both are great games and both have amazing players.

      • Premium User Badge

        buenaventura says:

        Yeah, both are fun, but they are very different! I like SC1 because of the mechanical limitations (like a control group can only have 12 units in it) and the miss chance shooting up hill, and the use of very difficult to pull off bugs (like muta-clumping) – this all makes even pro’s liable to make mistakes, and it enables many more exciting comeback scenarios, great stories of gigantic blunders and genius plays etc! SC2 is just too polished, figured out and smooth man, a little to clean.

    • Don Reba says:

      Thanks for the link!

      • Premium User Badge

        buenaventura says:

        You know what? The best place to watch SC1 / SC2 is link to – it collects games spread over many clips, gives metadata about what starleague, players, races etc. we are watching, enables voting (and browsing the top matches played last week for example, excellent). But, it is mostly sc2 of course, ASL is there, but it is an exception. And they dont like adblockers.

  6. Ser Crumbsalot says:

    Yeah I don’t know – during Blizzcon 2013 they announced that they had guys working on re-releasing Warcraft I & II. Unless I missed something, it’s nearly 3 years later, and nothing more has been said on this topic. So I’m reluctant to be exited about this.

    There also remains the question about the price. Classic Blizzard Games, compared to other games their age, are more on the higher end of the spectrum, price-wise (at least according to some hasty comparisons; maybe I’m not entirely right). How much will they want for the face-lift? Good plastic surgery don’t come cheap :P

    So yeah, who knows how this will develop. Hopefully they don’t forget their 2013 announcements though; I really miss the old WC games =(

  7. Jayson82 says:

    Some modders already did that its called the StarCraft: Mass Recall mod

    What would an official HD release be better than that mod?

    In fact you do not need to own starcraft 2 to play that mod just download the trial from the launcher then you can play all the mods including StarCraft: Mass Recall for free from the trail.

    • Horg says:

      There are some quirks of the original engine, not replicated in SC2, that completely change how some of the units handle. Competitive players would want the classic physics / AI preserved.

  8. Dragonzeanse says:

    If this happens, Actiblizz will probably just take out LAN play. Maybe even make it always online.

  9. cannonballsimp says:

    I wonder if they’ll fix dragoon pathfinding!

  10. elizlestrad says:

    Well, it is now officially Sept 29th and still nothing from Blizz on the matter…or on the alleged Warcraft I and II remasters. I’m beginning to think the community totally got conned on this…