Necropolis Adds New Playable Class In Brutal Update

Our John did not dig Necropolis [official site], the roguelikelike action-RPG released in July by Shadowrun Returns devs Harebrained Schemes, and its general reception was quite lukewarm. In response, Harebrained laid out plans for a series of patches overhauling and expanding Necropolis to add more variety and challenge, culminating in a big update launched last night. A new playable character class, new enemies, new weapons, a new environment, and plenty more arrived in Update 1.1, along with a new subtitle. It’s now called Necropolis: Brutal Edition – a name I think could do with a few more umlauts and macrons.

The Brutal Edition update brings lots of numbers including, ahem, 1 new outdoor environment – The Black Forest – built of 36 new modules, 7 new enemies, 16 new weapons including new unique abilities, spike and spinny blade traps, 5 new consumables, recipes added to regular loot drops, performance improvements, combat tweaks, and oh, 1 new character. That’s The Brute, who also brings 7 new unique armour sets of their own.

Check the patch notes for more info on all that’s new. Previous updates have added new enemies and weapons and things too, as well as giving enemies new behaviours so they present more of a challenge.

And… how is Necropolis now? On paper, that should help a lot. Maybe I can cajole John in returning to see. If you fancy a crack yourself, hey, it’s slightly on sale now. A 20% discount brings the game down to £18.39/22,39€/$23.99 on Steam.

Here’s a trailer for the Brūtäl Ediẗiôn:


  1. trashbat says:

    Look at all that plutonium.

  2. Aspirant_Fool says:

    I picked this up on release and refunded it after 90 minutes played. I like the art style, don’t mind the size of the levels, dislike the completely disposable non-story both for being completely disposable and for the generic, lazy, ‘wacky’ tone that it employs. I enjoy the combat, but think it could use more depth.

    I picked it up again following this update, and I’m not going to refund it this time. I don’t think they fixed all the problems, but this is a solid step in the right direction. I still wish the Brute was a bit more of a change from the Blackgaurd – from what I can see, he’s just bigger, has a Dark Souls fatroll dodge instead of a quick hop, and he can eat food in one big bite, meaning healing in combat is a little easier, and he’ll break breakable scenery just by running into it instead of dodging or swinging a weapon. The little touches are nice, but I would have preferred a shoulder charge in place of a dodge, and maybe start him with a big two-handed weapon instead of the same sword and shield the Blackguard starts with.

    Anyway, TL;DR: This is a good update, if you were on the fence, it might push you over, but if you hated it to begin with, there are no earth-shattering changes here.

  3. Emeraude says:

    Anyone knows if this will finally bring the multiplayer to the GOG version?

    Or is this a pipe dream?