Build-a-Clem with Walking Dead season 3 save importing

If you’ve been planning to import past save games and life-saving decisions into The Walking Dead season 3 [official site], hey, Telltale have you covered. As well as the ability to import season 2 saves from any device you might have played it on, season 3 will have a “story generator” asking questions to pick one of 42 starting points for you.

If you head over here you can see about exporting a season 2 save from any device, from PC to pocket phone, into Telltale’s pet cloud. From there, you’ll be able to download it into any device. That’s nice, that.

Should tragedy have struck and claimed your saves, or should you want to try something different, you can always go for the story generator. Telltale explain:

“Inside of Season Three, there is a ‘story generator’ option where we’ll ask you a series of questions that help us hone in on your Clementine. This will select one of 42 different ‘starting points’, that include not just your ending but also the relationships you had with different characters and the style of player you are.

“This was a fascinating thing for us to build and involved us combing through mountains of Walking Dead data and using some fancy data science to figure this out.”

Lawks, this is all a far cry from when I replayed Mass Effect in full after discovering I’d forgotten to check and backup all of the damn foolish places games scattered saves across my hard drives. I’m so glad alchemists managed to turn clouds into computers.

The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series – A New Frontier, to use its #branded full name, will start on December 20th with a two-parter.


  1. noiseferatu says:

    This is good, considering the Michonne miniseries was able to devour my Telltale cloud saves in between episode 1 and 2. I’m afraid to check if my season 2 saves are still intact.

  2. Lars Westergren says:

    Sounds like the UI could be streamlined. “On a tale from 1 to 10, how traumatized and cynical would you say Clem was at the end of that save file you lost?”

  3. Frank says:

    Wish they’d done that going into season two. I played S1 before they had cloud saves and didn’t bother to copy my save locally, and now will probably never start S2 since I neither want to start with defaults nor replay S1…

    • klops says:

      The first season’s choises affected very little in the second season. Even the choises inside a season matter very little, but between the seasons I can’t remember any example of that. Just play S2 from the start if you want to and you’ll see no different Clem than if you continued from your S1 save.

      There wouldn’t be much sense in Telltale to make the saves beteen seasons important when the system of transporting the saves is so… it’s not bad, but clumsy and needs some effort.

  4. Booker says:

    I still have my Baldur’s Gate savegames from 1998. Telltale is especially easy to backup, even if one switches drives, because all their games store their stuff in the very same parent folder. But whatever, somehow it’s in, to delete your saves and then cry that you yourself deleted them.

    The really funny part however is, that I probably would replay the first 2 seasons since it’s been so long and I’ve forgotten lots about them.

  5. myhandleonrps says:

    Their solution for every platform is to open the game and select upload. How helpful! I was hoping I wouldn’t have to re-download/install it just to upload a tiny save file to my account.