Bunny brawler Overgrowth adds Lugaru’s campaign

The kung fu rabbits of Overgrowth [official site] have been around in a playable form since I was a small and ancient protozoa, so I won’t accept the game’s sudden switch from “alpha” to “beta” as news. But I will take notice when told that the story campaign of its predecessor, Lugaru, has been adapted into the fisticuffs framework of the sequel, meaning there should now be something to do in the game besides biffing anthropomorphic wolves in the skull until they fly across the map in ragdoll pain.

The update adding the remade Lugaru campaign actually happened last month when we weren’t looking, accompanied by some other changes to the fighting, like the ability to pull a knife back out of the animal you’ve just thrown it at (ow). Anyway, here’s a little trailer to accompany the update.

I’ve long admired the kicks, punches, and gut-piercing spear throws of these aggressive lagomorphs but with its long development time and few concrete levels or features, it has always looked a little undernourished. A gorgeous and technically impressive toy but lacking a greater reason. Now it might be time for a quick dip. Here’s some of the things it says on the back of the box.

– Fully re-imagined Lugaru campaign story mode in the Phoenix engine

– Local multiplayer if you have a keyboard mouse and a controller, or 2 controllers

– Gameplay-enhancing use of ragdoll physics, with skeletal impacts and damage simulation

– Enemy AI that adapts to your attacks, and group combat behavior that rewards choosing a stealth approach, or skillfully taking on a few at a time…

…and then there’s some other boring bullet points about rendering and decals. But there’s also a level editor for making your own arenas for hopping about in, and the one man developer (this is why it is taking years) David Rosen recently told PC Gamer that he plans to add the sequel’s own campaign in the next few months. We’ll keep our big floppy ears close to the ground and tell you when that happens.


  1. EvaUnit02 says:

    This game has been in Early Access for so long that it pre-dates Steam’s Early Access programme by a few years. I suppose they’re too busy getting rich off Humble Bundles to make their game with an actual schedule in mind.

    • Pich says:

      turns out making a game engine from scratch by yourself is really fucking hard.

      • Ergates_Antius says:

        8 years.

    • Kaeoschassis says:

      Eh, I’ve never seen them advertise it as anything but what it is, they survive off people willingly paying them for the game in its current state while they continue development. As noted, creating an entire game on a purpose built engine from scratch effectively single-handedly is not an easy thing. Ultimately, if they’d rather take their time and make the game they want to make, treat it as a project rather than a business and build it at their own pace rather than keeping to a ‘schedule’ as dictated by somebody else, more power to them. If people don’t agree, they’re free to not give them money.

      Me, I’ve been happy to just watch it slowly evolve and haven’t shelled out yet, but as I never owned Lugaru I might actually toss them some money at this point now there’s a campaign of sorts. If it’ll help them keep doing what they want with the project, that seems worth it.

      • Baines says:

        I’ve said before that I ended up buying into Overgrowth just to support the entertainment and educational value of its earlier development videos.

        Sadly, as it neared the end of alpha, the frequency and usefulness of those videos understandably dropped. Hearing talk about how the texture quality of rocks was increased or how frame rate had dropped just wasn’t as entertaining as seeing the approach to procedural animations or how wall running was implemented.

    • TorQueMoD says:

      @ EvaUnit02 – Geting rich off humble bundles?! That’s a laugh. You don’t get rich selling your $30 game for $1. Especially when the devs don’t make all the profit from a bundle, it’s split between charities, the bundle staff and however many games are being sold. It definitely helps with word of mouth and mind-share though.

      • inexorable passage of time says:

        I suspect the OP was referring to this:

        “The Humble Bundle concept was initially run by Wolfire Games in 2010, but by its second bundle, the Humble Bundle company was spun out to manage the promotion, payments, and distribution of the bundles.” – link to en.wikipedia.org

  2. Vedharta says:

    I think this should be played to Fall of Efrafa for the music.

  3. Byrnghaer says:

    I did a let’s play series on the Lugaru campaign inside of Overgrowth a while ago:

    link to youtu.be

    link to youtu.be

    link to youtu.be

  4. magogjack says:

    Been waiting so long !

    This game is harder then Dark Souls…..its not even close.

  5. Shinard says:

    For anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure, Lugaru is bloody amazing. The fighting system is nice and fluid, weighty in the right places and easy to grasp. I highly recommend it. There’s a demo floating around somewhere if you’re hesitant, give it a go!

    Overgrowth, I keep thinking about but then wincing at the combination of a £30 price tag and Early Access title. Maybe this’ll finally tip it over.

  6. tonicer says:

    The only game … the ONLY game that i pre-ordered and still feel good about pre-ordering. (looking at you DOOM4 or 2016 or whatever that messed up game calls itself)

    I have around one hundred hours in Lugaru and now a couple hundred hours in Overgrowth.

    I love both games!

    • Sic says:

      Is it still a sandbox of sorts?

      I really like the way it looks, and I probably have a dozen or so copies lying around after years of buying Humble Bundles, but I never tried neither Lugaru nor Overgrowth.

      I hope it turns into something playable at some point. This extreme focus on movement is something that is lacking in pretty much every other game.

    • falcon2001 says:

      That’s really weird, given that Doom4 was pretty universally liked, but to each their own I suppose.

  7. GreatCrayons says:

    Okay so seeing this article actually convinced me to buy the game. I remember about 2 years ago when I first found out about Overgrowth I was really into it. I looked it up it to find that it really hadn’t made a lot of progress since it had been initially released. Seeing that he’s done with other projects right now and is currently focusing on Overgrowth was enough to convince me to actually pull the trigger. Plus it’s on sale.

  8. TorQueMoD says:

    Overgrowth was never a one man development. It’s always been 2 guys, one programmer though. Now however the team has finally expanded to around 15 people I believe they said in one of their YT videos.