The Division details The Last Stand, update 1.6

The free The Division [official site] update accompanying its third expansion will “almost double the playable size” of the current Dark Zone PvP murderhell, Ubisoft say. While they haven’t yet said when they’ll launch the expansion, The Last Stand, they have started chatting more about new things coming free or for cash money. The Last Stand sounds interesting too, introducing a new team-based PvP mode in instanced murderzones separate from the main world.

A blog post on Friday introduced update 1.6, which will launch free alongside The Last Stand.

It’ll open up regions 7, 8 and 9 of the Dark Zone, which will hugely expand the size of the PvP space. However, Ubi say they won’t increase the playercount of Dark Zone instances. “In practice, this means that players will be spread out more, opening up more opportunities for PvE,” they say. 1.6 will also introduce fast travel between Dark Zone checkpoints, so the size doesn’t become a chore.

Also in update 1.6: new ‘Contamination’ events in the Dark Zone with hourly sweeps of Cleaners; Dark Zone leaderboards; a new ‘Legendary’ difficulty mode for three missions, offering exclusive vanity items; and balance tweaks.

As for The Last Stand itself, this blog post explains it’s a big battle over capturing information terminals:

“The Last Stand game mode offers session based player versus player combat in The Division, mixed with a strong PvE aspect, and a brand new way to experience the Dark Zone separate from the regular game. In it, two teams of eight players are fighting each other on an instanced map to control the aforementioned terminals, until one team has transferred enough information to win the match. When taking part in Last Stand, the game will always assume that your team are the Division agents while the enemy team will be seen as Rogues (note that they are just labeled as Rogue for lore reasons, as the actual Rogue mechanics do not apply in Last Stand). In other words, you will always be the good guy when playing Last Stand. When the match is over you can go straight back to the queue and don’t have to return to the main game to queue up again.”

Hack the planet.

We were won over by The Division, declaring it one of our favourite games of 2016. Somewhat less enthusiastic about the upcoming movie.


  1. internisus says:

    Those are some deep-reaching and thoughtful changes that sound like they will build on the previous overhaul to enrich and vary game balance and activities. I don’t know why it’s so popular to complain about The Division; the basic game is damned solid, if you ask me, and the development team has done great work to build upon it.

    • casshern09 says:

      People aren’t complaining about the Division because it’s popular to do so, they complain because it was a shell of what was promised, because the graphical fidelity was, once again, greatly reduced and because there was sweet FA to do once you reached max level.

      Adding to a game after it’s release, does not excuse the crap that was delivered in the first place. This is exactly why they lost about 90% (there were articles about the player loss, this isn’t a made up number) of their player base after a month on PC.

      Just because people complain, it doesn’t mean they’re doing it to pile on, if someone dislikes something, they aren’t necessarily a “hater”, there are perfectly valid reasons to dislike this game.

      • internisus says:

        Seems to me that it’s exactly what was promised, and I was one of the suckers who got hyped all to hell with that E3 reveal. Also, the game is utterly gorgeous on PC. I really don’t know what people who shout “downgrade!” want or expect.

        • BobbyDylan says:

          What was in the E3 trailers would be nice.

          • pentraksil says:

            Yes, but what was in E3 trailer? What was so different that people would consider it a promised feature? I was one of the people who really did not understand what do people expect from that game. It was all very vague for me and all of sudden people expected something without much being shown.I tried the Open Beta and I loved it, since I finally could see what the game is about. But all of a sudden people started talking about promises and missing features, until this day I do not know what they were (except that companion app that was canceled as soon as it was announced)

  2. Masterlitchuk says:


    sorry again Massive proves they are wedded to this failed PVP/PVE experiment we have been crying out from the beta to split the servers to either all PVP or just PVE that’s what we want but not massive!

    This is just going to carry on the misery of PVE players who are tired of toxic rubbish being thrown at them being ganked by squads of PVP players who tell us hip firing and rolling is skill get real. This is a cover based shooter watch any video of so called experts of PVP and no one uses cover it’s all using strafing, hip firing and rolling.

    This is going to be back to the 1.3 were not listening days of Massive who are working on Division 2 as every new part is written by a different studio. But they think the loyal fans will buy in again sorry been fooled once won’t buy any game from Massive ever again.

    Don’t get me wrong I love this game been playing thousands of hours I love the competitive aspects and the PVE but hate the dark zone PVP mess! All us silly so and so’s that payed for a season pass are left with one playable aspect the Survival part. underground is just the LMB supersonic speed show, The last stand PVP only I don’t consider this a season of updates oh and what happened to the story line stops suddenly and never talked about?

    The updates are a joke oh get on a chopper in a storm with no equipment or get on a train lazy writing common! The main story line is involved and interesting such a waste of a fanatic idea..

    • internisus says:

      sorry again Massive proves they are wedded to this failed PVP/PVE experiment we have been crying out from the beta to split the servers to either all PVP or just PVE

      Yeah, let’s just strip away the core idea of the game and make it as generic as possible. That sounds great!

      • Jabberslops says:

        I would argue that the entire game is the story line. You are actively clearing Manhattan of the different groups of enemies so that cleaning and rebuilding efforts can begin.

        The main game and every expansion DLC released so far is just continuing the main theme/story of the game. You defeat the head leadership of each faction and now have to deal with the holdouts. You also need to secure infrastructure and supplies for the survivors and JTF fighters.

        If the developers removed PVP from the Darkzone like he suggested, it would be removing story line that he thinks was completely dropped and forgotten.

      • aepervius says:

        Firstly the core ideas is the pve story line with the various activity you can do, with coop sometimes and the pvp darkzone. There is not “one” core idea.

        Secondly if one of your core idea is an utter failure, you change it or you drop it, but keeping trying to hope that the player base will suddenly start liking it , is a failure. In fact probably a definition of insanity. And the inital player base strongly showed they do not like it. What’s left of it is more split on the issue, but it is a ridiculously low percentage.

        For all intent and purpose the division will be remembered by most palyer as a pve romp from level 1 to 30 on PVE maps.

        • Jabberslops says:

          In the main story you are tasked with taking down a rogue SHD agent and his unit of rogue agents that have gone rogue in the Dark Zone. The players killing other players in the Dark Zone are Division agents going rogue, therefore PVP zone.

      • Masterlitchuk says:


        I hear this argument always from PVP players we want to have the easy PVE kills. Do you know the split of PVE / PVP players it’s 70 / 30 so consistently the PVE community is changed/nerfed to suit the smaller so I ask does massive care or are they like you only interested in PVP then why not just play a total PVP game?

        Survival is either PVP or PVE everyone enjoys what they enjoy that is the 1st most asked for change has never happened. You say were chasing rogues fine then why are you not a permanent rogue then? See your argument doesent work, you go rogue take stuff then want to be an agent again to extract your stolen items!

        Until and I know massive won’t do a dang thing they had the money and don’t care about the PVE community. Fine but they need to remember if they treat us like rubbish and don’t come asking for more money. I will not give you another penny after being constantly lied to.

        This game is sold as a cover based shooter. This game is a hip firing in your face run around and PVP is king shooter and this is why a game that could have been great is just limping along.

        • internisus says:

          I am not a PvP player, but I enjoy the feelings of uncertainty and danger that surround my PvE excursions into the Dark Zone. The experience is central to the identity of the game, so much so that I rather agree with writers who have lamented that Ubi didn’t have the guts to have the entire game work that way, although I certainly also enjoy running through the story and quietly exploring/patrolling the rest of the city.

    • epeternally says:

      Agree. As a Division season pass holder, I’m extremely disappointed that this isn’t focused on single player content. Their PvP/PvE experiment has failed completely and utterly. Best bet here is to discontinue it and let the PvE people actually enjoy the bloody game. I thought the third DLC was going to be a real expansion.

  3. lglethal says:

    Whilst its interesting to hear that they are making some changes, I’m more interested in hearing if they are fixing any of the dozens of bugs in the game, like not being able to switch between Windowed and Fullscreen modes if you have either the steam or uplay overlay on and direct x12. Something so simple should have been fixed by now. And I know others who cant even Play the game because of various bugs which do things like take controls away from the Player and crash randomly.

    Dont get me wrong I’m having a great time with the game, but it is one Buggy pile of code, that really should have been fixed by the time you get to release 1,6!

  4. tonicer says:

    Urgh more PVP?! Lame.

    I want more coop/PVE stuff, that’s where to game shines imho.