For Honor launches PC hotfix, ahead of big patch

A hotfix patch is out today to For Honor [official site] to fix a few of those nagging bugs. These include problems with Easy AntiCheat errors, full screen problems, and a cracking bug that saw Steam Controller users kicked for being AFK. A bigger update is in the works, mind. This second patch will tweak the stabfest’s balance, including buffing Valkyrie and changing guardbreak counters.

Here are your notes for today’s hotfix, which should launch at 1pm – in an hour.

  • Easy AntiCheat
  • – FIXED: Updated the error messaging for certain Easy AntiCheat notifications to make them more user friendly
    – FIXED: Error that was incorrectly blocking some players from entering the game

  • Steam Controller users will no longer be kicked as inactive (AFK) when providing controller input
  • Addressed bugs in the the shutdown process
  • – FIXED: game sometimes storing borderless in the options on shutdown
    – FIXED: game still showing in taskbar after pressing x. When clicked you would see a small window without borders that closes shortly after.

  • Addressed several PC startup/full screen bugs
  • -FIXED: game starting in window mode when clicking somewhere else during startup
    -FIXED: game switch display mode twice on startup
    -FIXED: game switching to borderless when ALT+ENTER after previous switch to full screen failed

  • Fixed the caching of settings on game minimization
  • -FIXED: Incorrect window positions being stored in options when game is minimized

  • A message will now be displayed on BOOT if Intel GPU driver is below min specs

As for the upcoming balance patch, Ubi haven’t said when we should expect that. Along with tweaking balance, it’ll stop the game from replacing leaving players with full-health bots – which made ragequitting doubly dickish. Follow that link for deets on the lot.


  1. vahnn says:

    I have recently concluded that if they buff Valkyrie’s damage, they need to do something to minimize her low stamina, infinite, inescapable knockback/knockdown combo, because it’s stupid. As it stands, she’s terrifying if she has even a single teammate aroun

    • Ulminati says:

      Ways to counter Valkyrie charge:
      1 – Dodge sideways. The charge is telegraphed, so you should have time.
      2 – parry/deflect the attack. You can parry unblockable attacks.
      3 – (maybe, I forget if it is also uninterruptible), fast attack just before she gets to you. Damage will cancel her charge

  2. vahnn says:

    Also, I don’t know if RPS submits their articles to be shared and linked on games’ news sections, or if the developer picks them, or if Steam picks them, but the only gaming site with links in the News section on Steam for For Honor is RPS. Hmm!

    • Ignorant Texan says:

      Well, as RPS has been covering gaming since 1887, is there any reason for STEAM to list anybody else?

      Or, perhaps, STEAM’s data mining shows that clicks on RPS articles are more likely to lead to a sale of said game, than reviews/stories from more Johnny-Come-Lately sources.

    • Camerooni says:

      RPS and PC Gamer were some of the few rss feeds that got integrated into steams news feeds back in the day, they haven’t updated/monitored/adjusted/done anything at all the frig with.. I think it’s just that RPS is tagging their games the way that steam expects them to and the others have dropped off.

      I only see PC Gamer or RPS feeds in things these days.. and quite often they are ‘this game is not too great’ right up underneath the buy button.. it is amusing =)

  3. yinyin001234 says:

    Anyone know how to fix ‘Startservice failed 1450’? Before this update, I can play the game when I closed all antivirus software. But after the update, I can’t play it anymore whatever I did. Please help. Thanks in advance!