Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 creeps onto PC

First-person sneak-o-shooter Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 [official site] is now out, popping digital faces from afar in Georgia (not the American one). While the first two Ghostbusters were linear, 3 goes open-world like your Wildlandses and your Far Cries. Ghostbusters 3 is built for sneaking around, surveilling, and carefully picking shots, but players can also try their luck up-close and bang-y.

Here, you can see a bit in this recent 14-minute gameplay video with a developer playing a side-mission on the highest difficulty setting. The chap infiltrates a base and demonstrates things like scouting with his drone buddy, adjusting shots for drop and the wind, driving a car, climbing cliffs, and going in for close-range action. Observe:

Disappointingly, Ghostbusters 3 is about shooting Russians rather than warring with ghosts. What a missed opportunity! The trouble with sniping ghosts is that many only show themselves up-close and in jumpscares. Sure, some do stand ominously in mansion windows but you’ll need to nocsope them – move to peer through your scope and the spooks surely vanish in those frames. No, the real trick to sniping ghosts is to trick other people into getting jumpscared while you watch from afar. Perhaps lay a trail of candy bars across the middle of a road to lure a military patrol into the graveyard, or hack communications to send fake meeting invitations. That is not this game.

Edwin Evans-Thirlwell called Ghostbusters 3 “an off-brand Far Cry with a dash of Battlefield” after he played a preview version last year. That’s about what I’d expect, and I’d be surprised if it has changed much in the past five months. But if you want to fiddle with scope elevation and whatnot, this may be more the one for you.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is £39.99/49,99€/$49.99 on Steam for Windows. It comes as a ‘Season Pass Edition’ which includes two future singleplayer expansions and some other bits. Multiplayer will follow later too.

As is customary for open-world games, some players are saying it runs badly, some are saying it runs great, and there’s no demo so I guess you’ll need to flex that Steam refund policy if you want to find out how things go for you.


  1. ColonelFlanders says:

    Let’s be honest, if this were in Georgia in the US, the traffic would be so horrendous you’d never get anywhere to kill people on time – especially after the friggin i85 just fell down.

    • Babymech says:

      If this were Georgia in the US each mission would start as a Choose Your Own Adventure – do you choose:

      – Peachtree Street
      – Peachtree Road
      – Peachtree Boulevard
      – Peachtree Avenue
      – Peachtree Way
      – Peachtree Alley
      – Peachtree Roundabout
      – Peachtree Mall
      – Peachtree Underground
      – Peachtree Coca Cola Road
      – Peachtree Overpass
      – Peachtree Highway

      You’re the star of the story!

  2. Ergates_Antius says:

    I was quite interested in this from the previews/early RPS coverage, but having watched the gameplay video on Steam my interest has waned somewhat. Some of the things in it just seemed out of place/immersion breaking. e.g. when Shooty McGruff is sneaking through a building and comes across an obviously blocked stairwell he says outlound, at full volume “The path’s blocked, there has to be another way”. Firstly Shooty, I can *see* the path is blocked, and I can deduce there is another way, you don’t need to tell me. Secondly, STFU, you’re sneaking round behind enemy lines, don’t speak aloud if you don’t have to.
    The person you’re speaking to on the radio seems a little too well informed (for someone ostensibly on the other end of a radio) and quite pushy too.

    Is this just because it’s some kind of tutorial level, leading you by the hand, or is this representative of the game as a whole. If the former I may give it a go, if the latter I think it’s a pass.

  3. AutonomyLost says:

    I checked out ACG’s review on YT yesterday evening and… yikes. I had no intention of buying this game anyway, but it looks so fucking janky I feel bummed for those who’ve been looking forward to doing so. Maybe a dozen patches down the line I’ll give it a look.

    Also, that I-85 shit in (U.S.) Georgia was nuts. I drive up and down I-95 every day and can’t imagine dealing with such an inconvenience. It’s horrific enough as is!


    • haldolium says:

      “I feel bummed for those who’ve been looking forward to doing so.”

      I wonder why anyone would’ve looked forward to this. This is now the 3rd installment of a below-average series that keeps being below average.

  4. Cortes says:

    On my PC this game looks so nice. I don’t have any problems with loading screens or bugs which will close this game. Maybe scores is not great on review but in my opinion this game is better than they say.

  5. temujin33 says:

    err… whats with the repeated reference to “Ghostbusters”? Please tell me that is an inside joke and not a repeated auto-correct.